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Cash "Pay at the Pump"

Make gas pumps that take cash
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Simple idea. Just have a cash slot like the ones in the self-checkout lines at many grocery stores so you can pay cash for gas without having to go inside. If they have these already, I'll be happy to delete. I just haven't ever seen one.
Hunter79764, Jul 26 2006

<Baked> with PayQuick® http://www.arco.com/gas/faqs.php
They have had these for almost 15 years [Klaatu, Jul 27 2006]


       I think that I may have seen this at a 24hr unmanned gas station. Obviously the pumps accepted credit and bank cards, but I think there may have been a cash slot too.   

       Memory is hazy, though, and am not passionate enough about it to go back and check.
Texticle, Jul 27 2006

       this would probably make pumps more of a target for thieves. a panel on the exterior for the cash bay would be too much of a target. maybe a system like those used for drive through banks could be utilized.
tcarson, Jul 27 2006

       In certain countries, it's customary for each pump to be manned by an attendant who will take your order, pump your gas, take cash payment and give you your change (less tip), and all without you having to leave your car, if you don't want to.
zen_tom, Jul 27 2006

       In certain other countries, the requirement to pay minimum wage for a job that's not worth minimum wage ensures that said job disappears; ergo, self-serve gas pumps.

I also have seen unmanned stations where the pump takes cards; not sure whether they also take cash, but with so few cash transactions happening these days, I wonder about the advantage.
angel, Jul 27 2006

       Italy used to have these as standard. They acted like gas vending machines overnight when the counter was closed - took cards as well.
wagster, Jul 27 2006

       machinery that accepted the money could be prone to generating a spark.... the first one you see could be the last one.
xenzag, Jul 27 2006

       Definitely baked here in Switzerland. Most petrol stations after about 10pm are unattended. You can feed in 10 or 20 franc notes in some of the pumps. The problem is making sure you need as much as you're paying for: you don't get change.
Gordon Comstock, Jul 27 2006

       I vaguely remember this being experimental back in the early to mid 90's. I would imagine that the problem you would face is if you put $50 in the machine but your car would only hold $46.82 worth of gas, getting change back might be somewhat of a challenge.
Jscotty, Jul 27 2006

       So the vehicle only needed $46.82 of petrol. The machine prints you a credit receipt for $3.18 (with unique identifier, credit amount stored in a database, read using a barcode). You are thereby coerced to return to the same petrol station again to use this credit towards your next refuel.
ed, Jul 27 2006

       Pump first, then pay. The nozzle locks onto your filler and won't release your car until you've paid. Steel-braided hose to deter cutters.
angel, Jul 27 2006

       There are many pumps that take credit/debit cards here in the states, but what I am proposing is one that can also take cash, and dispense any change due to you. It wouldnt be any more temping than an outdoor ATM and not any more complicated than the self checkout lines at Wal-Mart. Say you put in $50 and your car only holds $48.75. The machine gives you $1.25 back, much like an ATM or vending machine. My problem is that i have been trying to use cash more since I tend to forget how much I put on my credit cards and debit cards (which only leads to trouble), but it is a hassle to either go inside and give them a $50, only to return back inside because my car only holds $48.75, even when I try to pack as much as possible (yes, I know, you're not supposed to do that). or I get to the well lit gas station at 10:01, assuming it must be open untill 11:00 or later, procede to get out of my car and walk towards the door, only to see the cashier run to the door and lock it before I can walk inside and change the amount of money that's supposed to be in their register (a.k.a., buy gas), forcing them to recount. I would just like to be able to go to a station at 2 A.M. and get $5 or $10 or $2.47 (the exact amount of change I could find in my glovebox, because I am a broke college student) worth of gas to get me home again without putting it on a card.
Hunter79764, Jul 27 2006

       Upon looking at my last anno, I realized that brevity is not my strong point...
Hunter79764, Jul 27 2006

       I used one once at a weird little fuel company gas station in upstate NY.
jhomrighaus, Jul 28 2006

       They have pumps that take dollar bills of any denomination at just about every Arco in california. You have to go to the counter to get change back though.
ye_river_xiv, Apr 24 2007

       Well, there you go. I guess I just have to go to Cali to pay cash at the pump. Unfortunately, I usually use a debit card on trips.
Hunter79764, Apr 24 2007


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