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Cataway red dot cat distract

Sits above couch, bag or bed and moves red dot to deter cats
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[Edited name: from Red-Dot Cat deterrer]

[edited. See original post below] When the cat reaches the proximity of the area we want protected, RDCD goes into action. A red dot moves around on the floor, the cat is distracted and follows the dots, away from your precious vase or expensive ipad.

[original post receiving immediate flack from 2fries:
When the Cat(s) reaches near the aria protected...

I sent this idea from my phone and it helped with these wonderful corrections. Thanks all for your patience.]

pashute, Oct 17 2017

I just made a video for this https://biteable.co...tdistract-r-1796011
[pashute, Mar 14 2018]


       Yes, cat's shouldn't be in the opera house in the first place.   

       Cat(s) and cat's are not cats. Dots are us'ally chasing cat('s) and barking lot's. Barking lots are where dots bark cars...no, cats...   

       <goes to lie down with a punch-you-ay-shun' headache>
Sgt Teacup, Oct 17 2017

       Cats don't reaches. Cat don't reaches.   

       Yeah. Ow.
mylodon, Oct 17 2017

       It's the syntax of your sentences [pashute].
When taken literally as spelled the words don't make sense. "aria" is a musical term, you meant "area".

       Lose the word; "reaches".
Cat or Cat(s) can 'near' an area without the term reaches at all.

       oh yeah... and you meant "bed" instead of ''bad' in your tagline.
Other than that, you just need to teach a computer to recognise anticipate and then intercept cat movements.

       Best of luck with that.   

       All you need is an IR detector. It would work when people approach the couch or vase as well, doing no harm, unless you are a religious person and moving a red light on the Sabbath day is prohibited. In which case I have a Sabbath RDCD with a button that turns it off on Saturday.
pashute, Oct 25 2017

       // to recognise anticipate and then intercept cat movements. //   

       We got that for you, right here.   

       Just specify, in kilowatts, how powerful a laser you want fitting. Our best seller is the 2kW unit, as that usually only makes a small hole through the cat - higher powers tend to cause them to burst, and kittens just explode. Messy, but very satisfactory.
8th of 7, Oct 25 2017

       [+] for the video.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 14 2018

       18 grains of Red Dot behind 7/8th oz of #6 would probably be 8th's nigh-favorite cat deterrent.
lurch, Mar 15 2018


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