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Mouse Trap

Catching mice without hurting them.
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get a pickle jar or any glass jar with a metal cap. Cut an eight inch section of a vacuum cleaner hose. Drill a hole in the pickle jar cap large enough to insert the hose. Add food inside the jar as a bait. Place the jar at a place where mice have been seen and is accessable to you at any time. When you see the mouse in the jar, close the entrance to the hose with a rag so it can't escape. You now have captured a mouse to be easily disposed of 'in whatever manner you wish.
gruba, Dec 09 2002

The Mouse Depot http://www.themousedepot.com/
Helping tree-huggers dispose of mice since 1987 [notme, Oct 04 2004]


       "whatever manner you wish"....I would hope that I could use a plastic lid so the whole thing would be microwave safe! Beep...beep...whirrrrrrr............POP!...
Cedar Park, Jan 03 2003

       I have a friend who will destroy any glue trap he comes across because of its cruelty to mice. Torture-less traps are a good thing, and when my friend sees it, you still have a trap.   

       Fortunately yours is not the only torture-less trap, because most people want a trap that will work without having to be monitored.
jvonr, Jan 03 2003

       There are plenty "better" mouse traps on the market that you dont require cutting apart your vacuum.
notme, Jan 03 2003

       HERE'S what horse-people do in their barns, I've seen it with my own eyes: get a bucket, fill it with water, about half-full. throw a little floating device in there, like a sponge or a flat piece of plastic, or a horse brush, anything that floats and will hold the weight of a mouse. tie some food to the bucket's handle, (like cheeze, bread, Brie), let it hang over the bucket,in the middle. The mouse tries to get the food, falls in the water. (this seems to happen quite alot actually, even without the bait). mouse Can't climb out cuz the bucket's only half full. Mouse swims to the plastic 'life raft', hangs on for dear life. Person comes. picks up the bucket, carries it out somewhere, ;anywhere they want to dump the mouse (usually very very far away from the barn. Slowly dump out the water, mouse and life raft.   

       Pick up the 'life-raft', and the bucket and head back to the barn. Refill bucket half-way again with fresh water and fresh bait. 'Next?'
DeKalbPoet, Jan 04 2003

       come to think of it, designing mouse traps can be an interesting study into the intelligence and psychology of mice.... just a thought...
LoneRifle, Mar 14 2003

       I've got a humane trap. On the back though, it suggests that anyone not wanting to let the mice out (up to six) should throw the trap and trapped mice in the bin. Probably a bit like 'Big Brother' with cannibals. Oook :P
mark76uk, Mar 14 2003

       In reference to the mouse trap vacuum hose, only a nut would ruin a usable vacuum by cutting up it's hose. If you find one in the trash or one that is no longer being used, will do fine. Gruba
gruba, Apr 10 2004


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