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Cheese Gauntlet

a plastic glove coated with your favorite cheeses
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(+4, -2)
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You can have seven different cheeses, one for each finger and one each for the palm and back of the hand. Good for wine tasting parties. You could hold your glass of wine in your cheese hand and sill have a free hand for hand shaking, high fiving or ass grabbing. Whatever's your style.
jaksplat, Aug 17 2007


       You mean each area has a thumbtack on it to skewer a cube of cheese? (7 cubes altogether)   

       (You still can't hold a wine glass, though, if your palm has cheese on it)
phundug, Aug 17 2007

       I'd throw it down.
po, Aug 17 2007

       I thought you would be running through rows of people who would be hitting you with cheese, which is also very good.
globaltourniquet, Aug 17 2007

       MMMmmmm, Mozzarella pinkies, Cheddar Index and Parmesan palms
Dub, Aug 18 2007

       <loads up with limburger>   

       "You, sir, have insulted me for the last time."   

nuclear hobo, Aug 18 2007

       smell my feta finger!
jaksplat, Aug 18 2007

       Should be no pastic glove, should be entirely made from mouldering curd. [+]Grate idea.
the dog's breakfast, Aug 19 2007

       I want a cheeseglove, and a beef glove to put over it, then Ill grab a slice of bread with my hand and masicate..
evilpenguin, Aug 19 2007

       That reminds me of Bugs Bunny making a sandwich out of Yosemite Sam's hand, which he naturally doesn't notice until he bites down greedily.
globaltourniquet, Aug 19 2007

       I wonder if we could drag Paul Newman out of retirement to make "Cheese Hand Luke".
wagster, Aug 19 2007


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