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cheese from the sea

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Dolphins are mammels. They nurse their young. I wanna put them in pens, milk them. Then take that milk and make cheese. Cheese of the sea. It may taste a bit like feta. I would also try the asian market to sell the dolphin colostrum. chummy
TonyJaguar, May 22 2006

Whale Milk Ice Cream Whale_20Milk_20Ice_20Cream
I knew this was floating around somewhere (jeremi's idea) [xenzag, May 24 2006]


       I want a dolphin-cheese dolphin-burger, with a chocolate dolphin-milkshake.
nihilo, May 22 2006

       We did the whale milk thing already (for ice cream). And rats. We might as well have a <insert wildly unsuitable mammal here> milk general category, but it's all just the same basic idea.
DrCurry, May 22 2006

       We were discussing this just the other week on 'W85 Fuel' - the consensus was that, due to their fish and krill diets, the resulting fluids might be a bit fishy. Much better to use dugongs and manatees (of the taxonomical order Sirenia) due to their vegetarian diet, their milk should be less reminiscent of haddock. I for one, would welcome a massive Brie Du Mer, instead of the more common Brie de Meaux muck you get lying about the place these days.
zen_tom, May 22 2006

       brie du mer. that one got by me. we could also use the milk for calimarioooohh's
TonyJaguar, May 22 2006

       Good one [TonyJaguar], I can now accredit you with the invention of milk/cheese.
Texticle, May 23 2006

TonyJaguar, May 23 2006

       sp. camels
methinksnot, May 23 2006

       A mammel ?? what's a Mammel? - a dolphin/camel hybrid perhaps? - a dolphin with humps ? - the humps could be filled with milk and after an acrobatic session this would turn to cheese.
xenzag, May 23 2006

       Both can make you nauseous?
zen_tom, May 23 2006

       And contain sand.
harderthanjesus, May 23 2006

       ...and then why aren't we making ice cream with this camelmammelmilk? esp. with the acrobat dolphins turning tricks.
xandram, May 23 2006

       I've been milking dolphins since the day I was born!
sleeka, May 23 2006

       I think I missed the bit where [TonyJaguar] suggested we all take pot shots at him... cut the new guy a little slack? This isn't an intrinsically stupid idea, he's not throw his teddy out of the pram at the slightest provocation, so we go for him based on a single spelling error in the idea? Please.
david_scothern, May 23 2006

       "teddy out of the pram"? I had to look that up. And I still don't know what it means.
sleeka, May 23 2006

       i'm going to avoid COMMENTING on your Rather Odd Capitalisation and instead give you a bun. It may have been done here before but not in the real world, and I'd eat it.
wagster, May 23 2006

       Thanks for the title change. All it needs now is some appropriate capitalisation.   

       What [DrCurry] said.
Texticle, May 23 2006

       [TonyJaguar] are you related to [RodsTiger] ?
neilp, May 24 2006

       True. Years ago you guys were very hard on me with my first idea and it wasn't nearly as bad as this one. (hahaha, I'm sorry TonyJaguar. I like the title of your idea, it makes me think of a tuna brand in the states, called "Chicken of the sea".Maybe that's where you got the idea from).
Pericles, May 24 2006

       I think everyone's being too hard on TJ- There are certainly some applications where a fishy cheese would be a good thing- think caesar salad- anchovies and parmesan. With lettuce. Hey, maybe we could use fish gut fertilizer in the....ahhh, never mind.
Rm Brz, May 24 2006

       I'd like to see you fing the teat of an animal mammel as streamlined as a dolphin. Also, they would have to be milked underwater; how would you keep the milk separate from the saltwater? Dolphin Nipple Cathader?
jellydoughnut, May 26 2006

       Dolphin Nipple Catheter. I feel an album title coming on.
wagster, May 26 2006

       I bet a succesful marketing strategy consists in persuading the public that dolphin milk increases IQ since dolphins are the most inteligent mammals on the planet. Like that time everyone was convinced they won't get cancer thanks to eating shark-cartilage pills.   

       you could call it "milkyQ". uhmmm, im starting to like it. *changes neutral to [+]   

       [TonyJaguar] please do yourshelf a flavour and spellcheck your text before pressing the [ok] buton next time. Just paste it into word or samething, than paste IT back into the annotation window end press the buton ok ?
sweet, May 27 2006

       There's some law of the universe that says any anno about spelling or grammar will contain at least one error itself, isn't there?   

       Anyway, I'm curious about [xandram]'s dolphin prostitutes. Maybe they're not so intelligent after all if they have to resort to turning tricks to make a living.
BunsenHoneydew, May 27 2006

       did 'buton' pass the spellcheck?
po, May 27 2006

       //since dolphins are the most inteligent mammals on the planet//
I suppose that can be supported by the fact that no-one has ever seen a dolphin that made a spelling mistake.
Ling, May 27 2006

       Have we done Human Cheese yet?
epicproblem, May 28 2006

       Uh, yeah. Human male cheese, to be peculiar.
reensure, May 28 2006

       Cheese from different land mammals, now sea mammals, I guess the next obvious choice is a toss-up between airborne mammals and subterranean mammals.   

       I'm pre-emptively putting "bat cheese" and "mole cheese" into the public domain, hopefully to circumvent more of these dumb echoes.
Texticle, May 28 2006

       imagine flying squirrels with such wide flight membranes that they can live underwater with all that oxygen transport surface; then make cheese from their milk   

       i only support dolphin crafted dolphin cheese from dolphin cheese makers   

       translation: if the dolphin knowingly makes the cheese from voluntary milk I'd support the idea   

       let them roam as they will
beanangel, Feb 19 2008

       MMMmmm Bat Cheese. I can't wait.
WcW, Feb 19 2008

       While this actually does appeal to me, I must say that I think it's an aberration to consume the milk from any other than one's own species, which for us should be homo sapiens. Perhaps the '(sap)iens' has something to do with '(sap)ping the life of helpless baby creatures to further our own selfish ends.' We should mass market human milk, that might be delicious. It could come in half-pint containers and cost $59.99 US. On the carton could be a picture of breasts.
gabrielsnew, Feb 19 2008


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