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Chimp Orchestra

Instrument keying and fingering is automated, but the chimps do the strumming, blowing and plucking.
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The tricky parts of each instrument would be mechanically sequenced by computer but the easy parts would be chimp powered.

Each performance would be unique as the chimp's random swatting, slapping and hammering of the instruments would never be the same twice.

Chimps, being very dangerous wild animals, even if you dress them in cute tuxedos, would add a level of danger and excitement to the concert.

doctorremulac3, Jul 10 2013


       So, an army of chimps with instruments will one day play Beethoven? (much like that other army using typewriters, writing Shakespear) OK.
Vernon, Jul 10 2013

       Well, sort of only you wan't have to wait so long since sequenced mechanical devices are providing the actual note control of the various instruments, the chimps are just banging on them.
doctorremulac3, Jul 11 2013

       1. You will get a better level of excitement if you try to milk a random male chimp in your local zoo. On both parts. 2. If you were going for expensive (in terms of valuable acoustic instrument destruction), there are better "artful" ideas, which achieve the objective. Example: drenching a billion dollars in gasoline and burning them. This too can be done (and in deed is being done) by a tuxedo wearing chimp. 3. Bowing an plucking ARE the hard part of playing the instrument.   

       Bone to you sir.
anzlovar, Jul 16 2013

       Can you add a flea circus and a bag of opposable thumbs? I for one think this has all the earmarks of a wonderful... OH LOOK, SQUIRREL!   

       Erm, what was I saying? I forgot. Turn that music down, will you? I was trying to make a point ...I think.
Grogster, Jul 16 2013


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