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Chip tune hold music

May cause nostolgia.
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Telephone audio bandwidth is limited 3400 Hz, yet all too often businesses play classic music while putting you on hold. This music, mastered for the entire human hearing, sounds terrible when clipped.

Chip tunes are music generated by a series of oscillators, and can easily be limited to the available spectrum. As a result, they sound great over the telephone. Not everyone may appreciate the style, but at least it will be clear and audible.

Aq_Bi, Nov 12 2013

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       Why not have the music generator in the phone itself, and the business would just activate it remotely. That way, you would not be limited by the transmission bandwidth.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 12 2013

       Can it also remove the " Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line for the next..." message that interrupts the music just when you've accepted that it might be a while and the music is at least something familiar ?
popbottle, Nov 13 2013

       How about classical music, *as* a chip tune?
goldbb, Nov 13 2013


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