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the invention here is the both device, and the practice of using it
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I was perusing Samsung's offering of accessories for my Galaxy Tab today, and came across a conductive stylus designed to work on capacitive touchscreens. Specifically, it says it allows for smudge free use of the touchscreen. My first thought when I read that was wait a sec, what about functions which require multitouch, such as rotating and tilting the view in Google Maps or copy/ paste, or image editing?

For such functions, one could theoretically use 2 such styluses (stylii?) chopstick-style, which would look really cool in addition to allowing greater precision than fingers for things like copy/paste, but those things are bulky, designed to mimic the shape and size of a "premium writing instrument". This design makes them unwieldy and awkward to use in such a fashion.

So my proposal is a conductive stylus which is long and slender, like a chopstick, and attached at the end with either a hinge (springloaded or not) or short lanyard to an identical mate. These ChopStyles would be ideal for use on a touchscreen device, because they allow more precision and work for multitouch functions, as well as keeping the screen smudge free.

Oh yeah, and it would look really cool.

21 Quest, Mar 21 2011


       <does best Connery>
Shtylushesh of courshe.


       Half the third paragraph is non sequitur: capacitance switches don't require a transfer of charge, so there's no circuit-closing; think elevator buttons (which are also capacitance switches).

       Prior art: some Star Trek(?) episode: a flashback to the character's childhood; they all had i-pad'y things and used exactly what you propose.

FlyingToaster, Mar 22 2011

       the fact that nobody has done this is unforgivable. [+]
fischerman, Mar 22 2011

       Resurrect? Pieces???
21 Quest, Mar 22 2011

       There will need to be a fly catching app.   

       I'm not convinced that this would be easy to pick up... but that aside this is a great [HB] idea +
Jinbish, Mar 22 2011

       That just adds to the eltism of skilled users.
21 Quest, Mar 22 2011


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