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Coach your team from Internet

In sports like soccer, the coach decisions would be made via Internet and cell phone polls by people watching the match.
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The coach often gets the worst of the rants when the team he is leading team is playing awfully, so why not make the people watching the match coach the team live through Internet and cell phones? Basically while watching the match on TV, and for example you want this player out of the game because you think is doing it wrong, you go to the team's website where there would be a section for live coaching and you select the option "replace player" then choose the player to replace. There would be a great variety of options to choose from, like changing a player's position on the field, changing team structure, defining strategies, etc and the options that have a number of votes on it will be executed in the game by a designated coach that only follows instructions submitted. This would be the closest thing to "play" your favorite team like you do in a game console.
ElVale, Feb 06 2009


       If a majority of the fans were not very bright your team would lose, often.
Zimmy, Feb 06 2009


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