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Dough Jumping

Considering an unique sport.
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Since i was a small boy, i have always loved the smell of freshly kneaded dough.

Maybe because i come from a traditional dutch family who loves to bake.

Since bungee jumping is susch an exiting sport, i would like to see that Dough jumping can also be classified as a sport.

How it works: The athlete stands on top of a 2 storey building..(thats not high). Underneath is a huge blob of dough as big as a normal sedan. The athlete then jumps head first and hit the dough with his mouth open wide.

The one who has the longest piece of dough in his mouth/throat are automatically the winner.

novaris, Mar 03 2008


calum, Mar 03 2008

skinflaps, Mar 03 2008

       Classified as sport and suicide method.
ldischler, Mar 03 2008

       You could never test this because as you did so it would become baked and you'd die.
marklar, Mar 03 2008

       When did your childhood pleasure in baking hybridize with a nightmarish fantasy about suffocation?
WcW, Mar 03 2008

       //Is there somthing wrong?//   

       Yep, you spelt something wrong.
skinflaps, Mar 03 2008

       No wait... this one is good.
futurebird, Mar 03 2008

       Bungee jumping, although perhaps it should be, is not an exiting sport. Though that is precisely what many of its participants promptly do (from this mortal flesh, that is...).
globaltourniquet, Mar 03 2008

       (looks for skinflaps) (slaps head) D'OH!
xandram, Mar 03 2008

       O the irony. Fxt.
WcW, Mar 03 2008

       Yes, if you take out the last part this could probably be non-lethal fun for the whole family to enjoy, except for grandma, it will be lethal for her regardless.
gabrielsnew, Mar 04 2008

       I've seen this girl on the internet...
Noexit, Mar 05 2008


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