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Computer Monitor Hood

Rectangular cone that attaches to your computer monitor to limit viewing of screen to user.
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I have this nosy office mate who is always looking at my computer screen and passing comments as he walks by me out the door. Fed up with office snoops who have no clue about anything.
AH, Jun 12 2006

Computer monitor hood http://www.ergoinde...hood-crt-filter.htm
like this? [xenzag, Jun 12 2006]


       Maybe you should have your office mate wear this cone!
xandram, Jun 12 2006

       3M used to make polarized lenses to place over CRT displays to absorb UV light and sun glare...a side effect was a dramatically reduced viewing angle.   

       If you're insitant on the cone idea, I'm pretty sure I've seen similar devices over television studio monitor screens.
ed, Jun 12 2006

       Haven't we done something here before where viewed head on, you see the nominal display, and viewed off angle you see a spreadsheet or something?   

       And other:general is not an appropriate category.
normzone, Jun 12 2006

       Other than the category, this seems like a good idea to me.
James Newton, Jun 12 2006

       I keep forgetting about the category selection :-)   

       Yes, if the screen had some kind of depth perception distortion from side view, that would be good.
AH, Jun 12 2006

       it's baked to a crisp regardless of which category
xenzag, Jun 12 2006


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