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Cut Out the Sharp Edges on Pill Sheets

Same Goes for Those Tough-to-Open Plastic Packages Tools Come In
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Okay, you've got a splitting headache, so you go to get yer extra-strength medicine. You open the box, and yer right in the middle of popping out a pill, when *YOW*! One of those sharp points pokes you. You start on the edge, then, and it slips. *YAA*! Now yer cut, too.

Should medicine packaging cause injuries? No. Just cut off the corners and smooth off the edges when ya package pills. Is it that hard?

galukalock, Apr 23 2003


       Perhaps. But what if you tear off a couple of tablets to put in yer pocket? Rounded corners have then been left in the box while you carry around the weapon.
galukalock, Apr 23 2003

       I hate most bubble-type or card packaging. I have been in the situation where I have really needed something packed in one of them and not been able to open it. Even with a pair of shears I haven't the strength in my hands to cut through that really thick crap they're using lately.
bristolz, Apr 23 2003

       What I'm getting at with this idea is that blister packs, while convenient, are (keyword) unnecessarily dangerous, and could be made less so quite easily.   

       By the way, if it counts for anything, I carry a couple of knives and scissors in my pockets, and regularly run. But the weapons are quite cleverly made so as not to hurt me. They fold into the body of the knife, or are inserted into the card.   

       All I'm saying is to make them in such a way that you won't get hurt while using them the way most people use them.   

       <aside>This anno is now relatively stranded.</aside>
galukalock, Apr 23 2003

       An environmentally unfriendly packaging would be individual cookies (biscuits) packed in blister packs to be pushed through the foil backing.
FarmerJohn, Apr 24 2003

       How about individual blisters, each with rounded corners and tear-off tabs so [Bris] can open them?
FloridaManatee, Apr 24 2003

       Here's my grand plan: modify the blister pack machines so that they round every corner on each individual blister, so that if you tear off a few to stick in yer pocket, they won't stick you back.   

       'Twould also be good if one were to modify the machines so they don't leave sharp straight edges. Hate getting paper-cuts from plastic.
galukalock, Apr 24 2003

       //By the way, if it counts for anything, I carry a couple of knives and scissors in my pockets, and regularly run. // Galukalock, what _do_ you do for a living?
migennes, Apr 26 2003

       The edges are sharp, so as to *pop* blisters.
thumbwax, Apr 26 2003

       [migennes] My occupation has little to do with what I carry in my pockets (not that I don't find uses for the tools). I just like Swiss army knives, and bought a few.
galukalock, Apr 26 2003

       I have worked for @ 17 years as a registered nurse. I have dispensed (conservitve estimate) approximately 250,000 tablets. I'd say close on 40,000 of those were from blister packs. I'm sorry, I can't remember hurting myself on those sheets,......not even once. Maybe practise makes perfect. Just off the top of my head , I think many of those have rounded corners anyway. However I also have problems with many other types of insanely difficult, tough and apparently thoughtless packaging, as you do.... Cereal packs that suggest they can be openned and reclosed with some 'tabs'....as if......I'm afraid they're beyond me..... they usally tear.
peter2, Apr 27 2003

       my gripe is with ringpull pet food cans where the ringpulls pull off without the attached lid quite frequently
po, Apr 27 2003

       "drugs are bad mmkay " from south park
peter2, Apr 27 2003


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