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Computer Starting Handle

starting handle for your computer
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Cars used to have starting handles. For those who don't remember, they were shaped like an elongated brace and bit drill, with a sort of prong on one end that engaged with a divided nut on the end of the cam pulley wheel, at the front of the car's engine.

To use the starting handle, you inserted it via a hole just above the front bumper, engaged it against the cam and cranked it, using a vigorous jerking motion. There was a knack to it, as you had to pull the handle towards you after each jerk, otherwise you risked a mangled arm once the engine kicked over.

My idea is to be able to start up your computer using the same method. Naturally you would need to fit a little device to the computer, that engaged with the hard drive, but this could have its own car-like features to add to the theme.

Now, first thing in the morning, when you want to boot up your stubborn PC (macs only have this as a novelty), you open up your little tool box, take out the starting handle, insert it under the fake bumper fitted to the side or front, and begin cranking.... cursing and puffing to your fellow workers "she's always like this on a Monday" as they do likewise.

After a judicious amount of jerking and heaving, your PC splutters and farts into life, its little pretend exhaust emitting a harmless puff of fake smoke, and its engine sound effect roaring away until you push in the choke, reducing it to its usual monotonous, electronic hum.

xenzag, Jan 04 2007

Using a starting handle http://www.citroen....starter_handle.html
note the warnings ! [xenzag, Jan 04 2007]




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