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Be the 20th caller. Every freaking time
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You're listening to the radio (it still happens occasionally) and the announcer comes on. Be the Nth caller and you win $50,000. A cruise, tickets to a concert, et.al.

The free version of the Contestacall phone app listens for the key phrase and dials the numbers as they are announced by the announcer.

The premium version monitors multiple radio channels via the Internet for same, and uses a dial-farm (implemented via Twillio or similar services) to blast call the phone# and connect you to the DJ in the event of a success.

The app that can answer the DJ's question by looking it up on the web -- should this be necessary -- is left to the interested reader :)

theircompetitor, Feb 17 2012


       So it's telemarketing tactics, directed at a single number instead of shotgun approach, for the purpose of winning a radio call-in contest.   

       I'll give it a bun for using evil things for good purposes, but I didn't know they still had radio stations. My radio station is my Cowon iAudio player - it has a much bigger playlist. Much, much bigger. :-D
Psalm_97, Feb 17 2012

       //it's telemarketing tactics// Shirley not. It's a scheme whereby the app-owner can automatically enter and win radio contests, n'est ce pas?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 18 2012

       How many listeners have downloaded and installed this app?
pocmloc, Feb 18 2012

       I was a DJ (and later production director) at my college radio station, and ran many call-in giveaways, usually for a promo copy of a new album. The average 'I'm sorry, try again' call takes 5.5 seconds from ringtone to hang-up. Multiply by the target number, then subtract two seconds. Count the seconds and place your call. Unlike the new Contestacall app, it doesn't work every time, but I've lost count of how many CDs and concert tickets I've won using this method.
Alterother, Feb 18 2012


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