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Country Cookie Puzzle

Cookies made into a shape of different countries
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Cookies most often come as boring round shape. So eating them does not require much effort or mental stimulation.

To remedy this the baker could make them in different shapes.

My suggestion is to make them in shape of countries. Inside one cookie package you will find all the countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, or North America etc.

Cookie munchers then try to guess which country they are eating? The name of the country would be on the bottom of the cookie. You could make them into a puzzle before eating.

These cookie puzzles would improve the geography knowledge of the consumer but there might be a fight over who gets to eat the biggest country in the box?

Pellepeloton, Apr 21 2008

Here you go https://www.adoptsh...EWCATS&Category=326
Get Baking! Canada, Cambodia, China, Colombia and, um, Airplane. [DrCurry, Apr 21 2008]

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       "Airplane", hah.   

       You could sell gigantic cookie cutters for a whole continent at once. Mountains and rivers can be made out of nuts and icing.
jutta, Apr 21 2008

       Fast reply Dr Curry, I bet Molvania is not on the cookie cutter list?
Pellepeloton, Apr 21 2008

       //You could sell gigantic cookie cutters for a whole continent at once. Mountains and rivers can be made out of nuts and icing.//   

       Antarctica and Greenland would have plenty of icing on the cookie, right?
Pellepeloton, Apr 21 2008

       At the moment, yes. But wait a while .......
8th of 7, Apr 21 2008

       Why only a whole continent, when you could make a cookie cutter for the whole world?   

       If you use a Dymaxion Projection of the earth, one might then assemble the cookies into a globe. (Well, an isocohedron, but close enough).
goldbb, May 03 2009


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