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Cracker puzzles

Individual serving bags of snack crackers which fit together puzzle fashion
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Fairly self-explanitory, really. Small bags of snack crackers like those for a childs school lunch, the contents of which fit together to create a shape or picture.

Marketers would probably take it a step further and have the contents of one bag fit with the contents of another bag to create a larger shape or picture...

phoenix, Mar 23 2003

UK cracker puzzles. http://www.canoe.ca...ShowsC/cracker.html
something totally different [po, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       "Warning: contents may solve in transit"
friendlyfire, Mar 23 2003

       Or roll home the cracker barrel, 100,000 piece puzzle.
FarmerJohn, Mar 23 2003

       it would take a whole heap of self-control not to eat the pieces before completing the puzzle.
po, Mar 23 2003

       So, this isn't a whitey-specific puzzle?
thumbwax, Mar 23 2003

       Sure, why not... When animal crackers break, I often end up trying to match the edges of the cracker to see if I can make it seem like the cracker wasn't broken in the first place. Of course, it crumbles apart without my hand holding the thing together.   

       Does anybody else do that? Probably not. Oh well.
polartomato, Mar 23 2003

       I bought Animal crackers....looked on the box, it said if seal is broken, do not eat..... Took the seal out of the box, its head was severed off.........can I still eat the crackers? and why are they called crackers??? They are cookies........aren't they?
theThinker, Mar 24 2003

       //bad comedian from Seinfeld.//   

       That would be Seinfeld, right?
yamahito, Mar 24 2003

       Now.. where does this piece go? Here? It fits...almost... (wham!) THERE! It fits now! (wiping crumbs from edge of hand)
Cedar Park, Mar 24 2003

       Of course they're baked! They're crackers, for crying out loud.
bristolz, Mar 25 2003

       Yes, but since almost all crackers are, at their basic, a form of bread it is only natural that they be baked.
bristolz, Mar 25 2003

       Is that a pun?
bristolz, Mar 26 2003

bristolz, Mar 26 2003

       (Shakes the crumbs from the bottom of the box of crackers onto the table, grabs the magnifying glass, and bottle of vodka), and says "This is going to be a long night...."
theThinker, Mar 26 2003


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