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Crambo Court

new court room rules
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OK, so court is mostly boring, unless there is a huge crime being judged. I propose a game of Crambo [see link] to help in making convictions. Firstly, it will show the intelligence and wit of the judge, whilst also giving the jurors something to be interested in. Of course the defendant will need to practice up on words that will prove his/her innocence. The lawyers will actually have to pay attention, so they know what is going on. It might make a general improvement all around. Any way, it can’t make it any worse unless no one can rhyme with crime.
xandram, Sep 11 2007

Crambo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crambo
[xandram, Sep 11 2007]


       Quilty ass Georged!   

       of course it's ridiculous. of course it would never be accepted. of course i'll bun it. rhymes with "beth my steeple inflection."
k_sra, Sep 11 2007

       "I'm thinking of a crime..."
DrCurry, Sep 11 2007

       All stand for Judge Zeus.
theleopard, Sep 11 2007

       I'll attest there is no fakery
Twas only at the halfbakery
xandram, Sep 11 2007


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