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Turns your living room into a woodland glade.
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Summer days, sitting under trees, reading a good book with a glass of chilled white wine within reach. The smell of warm grass, the zumming of friendly hoverflies, a balmy zephyr gently ruffling your hair. Paradise.

This feeling can be yours, all year round.

The dappler is essentially just a light shade, but with a difference. It is surrounded by a wreath of imitation branches bearing imitation leaves (of a tree of your choice). When you switch the dappler function on, the leafy ends of the branches are actuated by a small motor and begin to waft softly to and fro and up and down as if blown by a gentle breeze. The light, now filtering down through the moving leaves, dapples and dipples and bathes you in summery bliss no matter what the weather.

squeak, Aug 18 2005


       Cool. Can I get one for my bedroom which projects light reflected off waves onto my ceiling? That's one of my favourite bits of being on a boat, it would be lovely to take it home with me!
moomintroll, Aug 18 2005

       I think....Ahh what the heck. Bun for an idea that brings back fond memories.
Susan, Aug 18 2005

       Bun if the on/off switch is labelled "Dappler Shift"
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Aug 18 2005

       Nature freak! Oops, a tad hypocritical there. +
Shz, Aug 18 2005

       You could have it mimic the weather conditions outside using dappler radar.   

       Complementary product: a low-hanging parasol with a flickering blue light just under the umbrella. Just put it up next time you're on a picnic and it'll feel like sitting inside with the telly on.   

       Maybe I'll just buy the dappler.
wagster, Aug 19 2005

po, Aug 19 2005


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