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Dead Pants Walking

Training Pants for New Zombies
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These are pants with hydraulic walking assistance for new zombies still unaccustomed to returning to ambulatory status. Once the new zombie has his "sea legs" he can switch to the more traditional graveyard dirt-stained pants preferred by his comrades. Pants include silverware and napkins for civilized dining on brains. (Salad fork is, of course, not necessary therefore not included.)
Grogster, Jan 10 2011

Pizants http://io9.com/5728...r-mind-++-in-motion
[rcarty, Jan 10 2011]

An Alernative for FT TENS_20Unit_20Suit
[Grogster, Jan 13 2011]


       Can I use this for the early-morning routine ? (ie: The Time Before The Coffee Kicks In)
FlyingToaster, Jan 12 2011

       [FlyingToaster] If you keep the coffee at your bedside, you need never experience The Time Before The Coffee Kicks In. Not as interesting a solution as Zombie Pants, I'll admit. Would there be a line of Hydraulic Zombie Trousers for British zombies?
mouseposture, Jan 13 2011

       I don't see why not, [mouse]. GROGco can supply whatever pants, trousers, or mumu the fashion-conscious zombie prefers. Just slip them over the exoskeleton frame and you won't be late for dinner...   

       [FT], if what you're looking for is alternatives for the same old morning drudgery, might I suggest the TENS Unit Suit. It is completely programmable.
Grogster, Jan 13 2011


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