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CleanSlacks MudFlaps

Arrive unsoiled.
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I enjoy splashing around in puddles as much as the next human, but the fun is too often spoiled by a misguided splash of water that befouls the inside of the non-stomping trouser leg. The tragedy of such a bespattering is exacerbated if one happened to be en route to a job interview, 100-years-of-pants celebration, or other such appointment wherein soiled trousers would be frowned upon.

Help is at hand! Slide on a pair of CleanSlacks MudFlaps and indulge yourself!

Scientists now concur that when the human foot is brought down promptly into a puddle, the resultant splash propagates forth from the perimeter of the foot in a radial manner i.e. it splashes both inwards and outwards. CleanSlacks MudFlaps are essentially rubber flaps that deflect any inward-splashing water, thus neutralising any threat to the wearer’s pristine trouser legs.

The ‘Flaps have mounting tabs, which are poked securely into the shoe of the wearer. Where compatible shoes are unavailable e.g. bare foot, sandals, flip flops etc, black leather straps can be employed that attach the ‘Flaps to the ankles of the wearer. The latter are marketed as CleanSlacks MudFlaps JetBlack FootStraps.

Texticle, Jan 30 2005


tiromancer, Jan 31 2005

       Depends on the job.
. ---half
robinism, Jan 31 2005


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