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A destructive paper money scanner as a phone dongle, that tops up wallets after scanning and turning the paper bills into ash.
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So, you've got dollar bills, and want to pay for something on-line? No problem. Deegitizer is a tiny mobile scanner, that destructively scans bills, and tops up web wallets of choosing.

Implementation -- technically ist quite trivial, because it is much easier to verify money bills, than it is to print them. Basically, combine the money verifier with a thermal heater, or some other way to invalidate paper bills.

Inyuki, Nov 21 2018

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       I'm pretty sure we've discussed this before - possibly in annotations to another idea.
pertinax, Nov 21 2018

       Hmm, get onto Damien Hirst's framer.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 21 2018

       It wasn't him, it was the other one.
pertinax, Nov 22 2018

       // the other one //   

       Who, Damien Thorn ?
8th of 7, Nov 24 2018


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