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is a bell necessary on a finger?
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Digi-bell is a finger ring, that takes the form of a miniature bicycle bell. When feeling ignored you can press your finger against a resonant surface and give it a tinkle, or just polish its shiny domed top when you are bored.
xenzag, Apr 26 2008

Bike Bell http://www.webcycle...php?productid=17947
[xenzag, Apr 26 2008]

I-mu Magic Audio Frequency Singer: A transducer that turns a hard surface into a speaker. http://www.vavolo.c...roductID,3748,,.htm
Do not worry about it. [Amos Kito, Apr 26 2008]

Mechanical Music Box: http://www.spoonsis...&Product_Code=24802
Closer to the idea. [Amos Kito, Apr 26 2008]

I'd like to have one - or a few. Silverwear
Gratuitous cross link to an only vaguely related idea. [normzone, Apr 26 2008]

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       want one   

       u cn tnkl me anytime...
po, Apr 26 2008

       Have something like a tuning fork attached to each fingertip in a musical scale, and tinkle on the table.
Amos Kito, Apr 26 2008

       You might want to test the market.

       All this random tinkling - weren't you guys potty trained?
DrCurry, Apr 27 2008


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