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Eating with your fingers is going to take a little retraining...........
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Silverwear are rings that slide on halfway up the first joint of your fingers.

Short shafts lead to small spoon cups, fork tines, and short knife blades.

While individuals would develop their arrays of choice based on diet, I think two semi-oval spoonlets of opposite orientation would work well on the thumb and first finger.

The fork could go on the ring finger, and the knife on the middle. Perhaps a shrimp fork on the pinkie.

I'd love to go into a restaurant and begin donning a set of these.....I'd greatly appreciate it if somebody would craft an illustration [fawn, grovel, truckle]....truckle ?

normzone, May 23 2005

Thanks, [dentworth], for the link image. I'm wagering they don't make knives for tykes. Fork_20Hands
This link is to [lostdog]'s inspiring idea. [normzone, May 23 2005]

Truckle http://www.worldwid...rdwords/ww-tru1.htm
" ...a cheese from about the beginning of the nineteenth century" originally, but it has since evolved to mean... [normzone, May 24 2005, last modified May 25 2005]

Silverwear sketch. http://i68.photobuc...zonesSilverwear.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 25 2005, last modified Apr 28 2011]

Pete Townsend on the back of a spoon http://www.drawing-...te-townsend-rdy.jpg
[normzone, May 25 2005]

Chicago Manual of Style http://www.press.uc.../cmosfaq/about.html
Must buy book to see text, sorry, but it is worth it. [migennes, Jan 30 2006]

[2fries] link to his wonderful illustration re-established http://s68.photobuc...zonesSilverwear.jpg
...I hope [normzone, Nov 28 2007]

And signal for the waiter with one of these Digi-bell
[normzone, Apr 26 2008]

Hey, look what I just found http://www.flickr.c...lisario/2268140161/
It's referred to as "Din-ink". [normzone, Jun 17 2008]

eating implements and food ring http://souzoucreati...icks-Ring-204989406
...some kind of dieting aid? [not_morrison_rm, Apr 28 2011]

Well, we're getting closer... http://theworstthin.../2013/04/04/trongs/
[normzone, Apr 04 2013]

And closer ... http://theworstthin...four-finger-spoons/
[normzone, Nov 13 2018]

Finger Forks https://www.amazon....ecues/dp/B00F6HMO6U
[xenzag, Nov 13 2018]


       Spelling: or spoon: ?
normzone, May 24 2005

       Being away from home, I can't help you with an image but find the concept appealing.
FarmerJohn, May 24 2005

       In the South, these utensils would take the form of fingers. “Ain’t gonna eat that chicken with a fork, are you boy?”
ldischler, May 24 2005

       May I try my hand at it [normzone]?
One condition though, no truckling. I'm trying to cut down.

       [ 2 fries shy of a happy meal], please do. And any truckle left over by now is likely to be low-fat.
normzone, May 25 2005

       Hope your ambidicetrous, because I can only draw with one hand.

       [2 fries] - may I call you [2 fries] ? I am most wonderfully pleased and no small amount flattered. Yes, I am an ambidexterous eater and damned near omnivorous.
normzone, May 25 2005

       I love the eater's reflection in the spoon.
wagster, May 25 2005

       What does Pete Townsend look like in the back of a spoon?
calum, May 25 2005

       Hmm... Freddy Kreuger would like this. Not only can he kill people, he can use it to eat with too!!   

froglet, May 25 2005

       [calum] see link
normzone, May 25 2005

       After some thought, I've decided the simplest prototype to make would be the knife, starting with a paper pattern and then going to thin aluminum.   

       Any real production run would require some innovative dies, and I don't have the confidence that the investment is appropriate yet.   

       The shrimp fork might be simple...I'll do those two and re-evaluate. Any real run would have to be in stainless steel, and that's more work.
normzone, May 26 2005

       Awesome. I'd kill (a steak and a bottle of wine) for a set of these.
nth, Nov 20 2005

       The Chicago Manual of Style (section 11.51-11.52) recognizes both the 3-dot and the 3-or-4-dot methods of using ellipsis points, but prefers the 3-dot method.   

       There you go. Not that anyone cares at this late date.
migennes, Jan 30 2006

       An anno a day before my birthday...and I've already been retrained on this issue. Thank you !
normzone, Feb 28 2006

       Happy birthday (late)!
migennes, Mar 03 2006

       + this would be great for chop sticks, too!!
xandram, Jun 01 2009

       I would need one on the thumb, then I could work against it with any of the other fingers.
normzone, Jun 01 2009

       Why was this idea not brought to my attention sooner?   

MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 27 2011

       [MB] We've been trying to call you all morning.
Boomershine, Apr 27 2011

       21quest, as did I, it seems. I was ready to bun it again, but only one can I give. Perhaps cutlery ideas age well like some wines.
Zimmy, Apr 28 2011

       you need to make it electronically activated/moved to make it possible to cut and scoop with just the power in one finger.
Voice, Apr 28 2011

       a) Freddie Kruger   

       b) ring with eating implements and the food, disappointingly small portions. See link
not_morrison_rm, Apr 28 2011

       But think of the consequences for talkative but absent-minded diners such as myself... if you take a spoon / forkful of fodder and get caught up in the conversation before you have a chance to get it to your mouth, one expansive gesture, mid-dialogue, could mean a baby-sweetcorn in the aural cavity for the poor unfortunate at the next table.
DeniqueCoelum, Apr 28 2011

       Yeah, and I guess a sudden itching eyelid would be a bad thing.
normzone, Aug 23 2011

       re: latest link, I still like this idea better.
FlyingToaster, Apr 05 2013


       And 2 fries image still lives on the web!
normzone, Mar 27 2022

       Did you draw that 2 fries? That's really cool!
doctorremulac3, Mar 27 2022

       You are right. Perfect peas.
blissmiss, Mar 27 2022

       Whoa... what a flashback.   

       Hi [normzone]! Long time no see.   


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