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Drinking Flashmob

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This is only about a quarter baked. But the idea isn't tough: flashmob+alcohol. Shots would likely be involved.
kylecameron, May 11 2009


       I'm fairly certain the majority of mobs already contain a substantial amount of alcohol. Therefore, apart from being extremely lame as a Halfbakery Idea, this is also fairly baked.   

       If however you were referring to a Flashparty, then you should check out A.L.E., whose appearance turns most standard parties into the proposed idea. This idea would have a bit more merit, but given the undue brevity of your idea it is hard to determine your intent.   

       On a side note I hope your submissions improve. (or that you are just a flashmember) [-]
MikeD, May 11 2009

       Shots are easily spillable and not really suited to the fast paced lifestyle of the flashmobber, but I admire the sentiment [+].
hidden truths, May 11 2009


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