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Driving time auto playlist

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Use the car's satellite navigation system to select your driving destination, and this app will select a playlist from your music collection timed to fit the length of the drive.

Set it up in Tehachapi, and when you pull into Tonopah, the last song will be playing.

Can you get downloadable apps for cars yet? This will be one of those.

tatterdemalion, Jan 29 2012

Tehachapi to Tonopah http://www.lyricsfr...illin_20343954.html
[normzone, Jan 30 2012]

GPS-enabled_20iPod_...20track_20selection [hippo, Jan 30 2012]

Car_20Song_20Perfect_20end [hippo, Jan 30 2012]

GPS_20Walkman [hippo, Jan 30 2012]

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       It should be matched to the area, time, and perhaps weather you'll be in, featuring songs either by local artists or about local features.
jutta, Jan 29 2012

       By the time I get to Phoenix ....
mouseposture, Jan 29 2012

       Yes, great!
calum, Jan 29 2012

       " ..., this is the road to Hell."
8th of 7, Jan 29 2012

       My local commute has improved due to road work. If the time frame changes en route, will this tool be able to adapt, and if so, how? (+)
normzone, Jan 30 2012

       The song will start playing reeeaallly sllooowwllyyyy.
hippo, Jan 30 2012

       Yes, "car song perfect end" (linked) is probably closest, so this idea should be [marked-for-deletion]
hippo, Jan 30 2012


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