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Car Song Perfect end

Get to your destination just as your song finishes! nice!
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Don't you love it when you're driving, and reach your destination just as your favourite song finishes?

Don't you hate it when you're just getting to the chorus and you've reached home -- so sit in the car like a plum for 2 minutes wasting time because you just have to hear that guitar riff before you turn off the engine?

Introducing the new 'Britboy4000'

Modern car satallite systems, when you program in your destination, can accurately predict the time you will arrive at that destination. If you're listening to a 4 minute track and are 3 minutes 40 secs from home, the new 'Britboy 4000' system automatically stretches the track slightly -- slowing it down just ever so slightly so you pull into your drive just as the final wailings of Axel Rose cease. End of song - end of drive. Similar to the way on good Kareoke machines you can speed up or slow down songs slightly for the singers benefit (OK the whole song may lose or gain a small amount of pitch (not massive) - but no-one notices..

Even better, the new 'Britboy 4000' has 50,000 of the most popular choruses of songs built in (and can learn new ones). If the songs gonna finish 30 seconds/1 minute before you reach your destination, an extra chorus is (seamlessly so it just sounds like a slightly different mix) bunged in before the final fade-out!

You get home and turn off your engine with that warm and fuzzy feeling that can only be achieved when the final chord is slammed just as you reach for the key ... perfection!

Only works for CD and MP3s etc .. not radio.

britboy, Jan 03 2007

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       But what if you're just turning into your road, you're only a few seconds drive from your house and someone starts to do a three-point turn right in front of you? Does the music suddenly get v-e-r-y s--l--o--w?
hippo, Jan 03 2007

       er .. er .. er .. I guess if you get unexplainably stuck very close to your house you have a few options .. the system could stop the song and not start the next one (overridable with the press of a button).   

       Or even better .. when the song is up optionally continually play random samples of the 50,000 choruses stored, giving you an instant final journey adhoc game of 'guess that tune' until you're home!! (The tune and artist displayed on stereo only 5 seconds after chorus has finished! Yippee what fun!).
britboy, Jan 03 2007

       America's National Public Radio (NPR) prides itself on the fact that its listeners become so engaged in its stories that they will bring their cars to a halt in their driveway, turn off the motor, but leave the radio on in order to hear the whole thing.   

       Moreover, NPR invites listeners to tell NPR what stories inspired them to do so, reprises those stories on their web site (link) and even sells audio CDs of the stories that received the most "Driveway Moments" reports.   

       As for [britboy]'s conclusion "Only works for CD and MP3s etc .. not radio.", I beg to differ: a "TiVo Car Radio" (link) with Britboy4000 technology would just about do the trick.
land, Jan 05 2007

       Add an interface between the in car CD player, and your Sat Nav, and the navigator could mis-direct you over the last bit of the route to ensure your ETA and the tune's last beat coincide.   

       Bunning marvelous idea
Dub, Jan 07 2007


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