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Dropper/plug bottle

No need to prise off the top.
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This is boring but practical.

Pipettes are OK for dispensing liquids which do not dry, precipitate, crystallise or react significantly with the substance of the pipette. For others, one has to use a ferrule: a ring in the neck which only allows one drop at a time through. This is fine for dispensing drops, but sometimes one needs a whole load of the stuff out, which then necessitates prising the ferrule out and sticking it back in again afterwards, leading often to a large quantity spurting out.

In order to avoid this, bottles with ferrules could be designed with plugs flush with the base reaching out to the perimeter of the bottle, with a lip running around the edge. The bottle itself is drum-shaped, with a ferrule at one end. It is inverted to pull out the plug without spillage.

nineteenthly, Nov 28 2007




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