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Eco-Friendly Gecko Powered Insect Death Lantern

Use the food chain to keep bugs out of your face
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Life in the tropics comes with many bugs. After studying the eating habits of the local gecko population I came up with this idea for a natural order gecko powered bug "zapper".

Basically, geckos love window screens because their little claw toes can grip it very well. They hide in the shade of the frame and dart out at any insect that is caught in the all powerful tracker beam, that being a light bulb. They are extremely efficient.

My idea is a wooden box frame with screens covering 5 sides, the bottoming being solid. In the center the box is an LED, preferably a color that attracts bugs and also solar powered and easily accessible.

Just beneath this would be some "gecko condos" where they could live and multiply. They seem to like little crevices, so maybe jut some slates. This could be hung or put on the end of a pole.

If you could get 6 or so geckos on the lantern it would be most ideal.

zamondo, Apr 24 2015


       If you build it, they will come.   

       Welcome back. I wish we had native geckos in Canada... they'd be so cute in their little moccasins.   

       [+] Nice to see a natural solution to a natural problem.
xandram, Apr 28 2015

       Would the lanterns be open for the geckos to come and go? A house design that is up to the geckos choice, a learnt feeding, breeding station if you will.
wjt, May 03 2015


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