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Electromagnetic Wind Chimes

Chimes that don't chime in the middle of the night.
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According to a recent survey in the uk, neighbours can get utterly narked off with one another over the gentle sounds of wind chimes. While they might sound lovely in the daytime, the incessant nocturnal jangling is the problem.

It seems that people are mostly too lazy and inconsiderate to walk outside and take down their chimes at dusk each night.

Electromagnetic wind chimes solve this problem because they have a central, erm, chimey thing which is actually also an electromagnet which will attract the, erm, noisy jangly things when activated.

The turning on and turning off of the electromagnet is remotely controlled from the remoteness of the inside of your house.

Fishrat, Apr 08 2008

Hippo's Silent Dodgy Chimes Hippo_27s_20Silent_20Dodgy_20Chimes
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       Sounds like a plan. +
DrCurry, Apr 08 2008

       I'm lazy, how about an automatic light sensor? Ether way (+) as chimes drive me crazy.
MisterQED, Apr 08 2008

       A set of windchimes can be inexpensively made using several lengths of cut pipe. I propose that an organization of concerned britishers secretly distribute these at night. Preferably located in areas where they are difficult to find, or of questionable ownership. Many, many of them. Immersion therapy for the British.
bungston, Apr 09 2008

       Gave me an idea for "Solar Wind" chimes...which of course would be completely silent in space. I'm not quite sure where they could be hung.
Ling, Apr 09 2008


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