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Farting Fish Ice Cubes

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The piscean (or 50's-rocketship) shaped, non-cuboid ice cubes have a line of liquid carbon-dioxide pockets separated by thin ice plugs, inside on the axis. As the plugs melt away one by one, starting with the rearmost, the globules of CO2 evaporate and skooch out the back, propelling the icecube around the glass and incidentally (re)carbonating the drink.

(At 0 degC, CO2 only requires 5'ish atmospheres pressure to remain liquid, and the ice "skin" of the rocketship is thicker than the sum of the thin icewall separators' thickness)

FlyingToaster, Mar 14 2018

Something similar. Rocket_20ice_20cubes
Air instead of CO2. [doctorremulac3, Mar 14 2018]

Phosphine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phosphine
"... P2H4 is responsible for spontaneous flammability associated with PH3 ..." [8th of 7, Mar 15 2018]


       [+] but what about butane ?   

       Cast the ice block, cool to -10 C. Drill a shaft. Drop in some liquid butane, drip on water which will freeze instantly. Repeat until shaft filled.   

       As the ice block melts, the same jet effect will occur. Butane boils around 0C, so the pressure in storage will be very low.
8th of 7, Mar 14 2018

       This is probably the best idea I have read just now. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 14 2018

       + and a bonus point for skooch
DenholmRicshaw, Mar 14 2018

       Q 0 o o . . <(+)>   

       I likey! [+] (Shirley [8th] can come up with a similar idea incorporating the word 'hypergolic'?)
AusCan531, Mar 14 2018

       Phosphine/diphosphane blend ...   

8th of 7, Mar 15 2018

       skootching good idea[+]
Voice, Mar 16 2018

       //hypergolic// well, nitrous oxide works too, so there's a start.
FlyingToaster, Apr 04 2018

       Farting Fish Ice Cubes sounds a bit painful, and the idea doesn't specify how you get the Fish Ice Cubes up there in the first place.
hippo, Apr 04 2018


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