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Flame Retardant Candles

Don't lose your Eyebrows - Celebrate Halfbakery Anniversaries in Safety.
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Candles are dangerous.

They can get very hot and can cause powder explosions (I have a picture somewhere, of a birthday cake, so loaded with icing sugar, that the candle-blower-outer inadvertently caused a huge flash. The party looked like a scene from Backdraft.)

Answer - Flame Retardant Safety Candles: They won't burn whatever you do to them. (The wick is made of Asbestos and Mycre (sp?).)

(Other candles are available: Magnesium Ribbon Candles, TNT and new C4 - for those who want their party to go with a bang.)

(Inspired by several HalfBirthdays coming-up, and just passed)

Dub, Feb 03 2006

Patented Birthday Cake Candle Extinguisher http://inventorspot..._extinguisher_15246
In case they don't work [Dub, Jul 02 2008]

Battery Operated Candles http://www.batteryo...7so4CFSEhYQod1WLqzg
not fire-proof, but guaranteed not to set your eyebrows on fire [Cedar Park, Jul 08 2008]


       Davy lamp candles - but I don't know if these work for particulate explosions, like icing sugar [+].
coprocephalous, Feb 03 2006

po, Feb 03 2006

AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 03 2006

       Wasn't Mycre Sherlock Holmes' brother?
moomintroll, Feb 03 2006

       //Micre/Mycre/Mike-er // Ah, I've just found out it's "mica"! Duh!
Dub, Feb 03 2006

       Retarded candles. [+]
wagster, Feb 03 2006

       This could be even more dangerous. Picture a bunch of halfbakers confronted with a candle that 'needs some help' lighting. +   

       BTW, C4 just burns when lit. </shut up - damn pedant>
Shz, Feb 03 2006

       AH, you spotted that... Well, that one's got some extras to it (The Thermite one's fun, too)
Dub, Feb 03 2006

       where's [8th] when you need him?
po, Feb 04 2006

       He's in line behind the other 7 people.
DesertFox, Feb 06 2006

       hardly the guy's style.
po, Feb 06 2006

       //Don't loose your Eyebrows//   

       Pedant: Argh! The eyebrows! They're on the loose! Help! I'm being savaged by a wild eyebrow!
DesertFox, Feb 06 2006

       [df]ta - well spoted (>{)
Dub, Feb 06 2006

       A Baker can make anything burn. If you have an answer, we have a problem.
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 18 2007

       //"mica"! // Paris?
coprocephalous, Jul 02 2008

       //I have a picture somewhere// I want that picture. Bun withheld in lieu of link
Custardguts, Jul 04 2008

       // where's [8th] when you need him? //   

       Lurking in the undergrowth, watching you through a night-vision scope.   

       Safety tip: using thermite to light BBQ's is Not Advised (although it does work).   

       [-} for anything flame retardant.
8th of 7, Jul 04 2008

       LED birthday candles? [link]
Cedar Park, Jul 08 2008


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