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frisbees that come back when in hostile airspace
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Ever been playing Frisbee to find your flying disc clatter beyond the fence of the warty old woman down the block who's a witch who ate this kid Jimmy one halloween when your big brother was your age? Fret no more! Simply a floppy foam disc. It is like a coiled rope, with a ridge on one side and an indent on the other. It is curved into shape at the factory. At the outer end of the rope, there is a finger-sized hole (one size fits most). you can throw it like a frisbee, without your finger in the loop, or, in smaller, more frisbee-unfriendly regions, throw it to a friend, and upon their successful catch, remove your finger. It will whiz toward them. If they fail to catch it and your Frisyo is heading for Ms. Cheung's Expensive Easily-Broken Glass Type Stuff Store & Pit Bull Training School, you can simply let it zoom back to you.
watermelancholy, Aug 05 2002

Disc Golf http://www.pdga.com
Disc golf? What the hell is disc golf? [Mr Burns, Aug 06 2002]

Mulligan http://www.disclife.com/tips.shtml
Mulligan? What the hell is a Mulligan? [Mr Burns, Aug 07 2002]


       I give you a coiled roll for the boomerbee idea, but the description of its construction and use has me lost. Wouldn't the rope come whipping back to your buddy and put a ridge on the nose and an indent in the forehead?
FarmerJohn, Aug 06 2002

       Did I say it's plastic? Because I really meant 'foam.'
watermelancholy, Aug 06 2002

       Disc golfers would call this the "Auto-Mulligan"
Mr Burns, Aug 06 2002

       How about a yo-yo-rang? What, yo rang?   

       Thees is a cool idea. I'd use it. Croissy. That comes back to you.
polartomato, Aug 06 2002

       I give half my croiss to my lovely agent.
watermelancholy, Aug 06 2002

       thcgenius, disc golf is frisbee golf. You throw special harder, flatter frisbees (there's even one for putting) into metal baskets on a short "golf" course with more terrain. It's more fun than you'd think.
FarmerJohn, Aug 07 2002

       Farmer: I've been playing disc golf regularly for a few years now. I put the link up for others that might not know what is was, as a surprizing amount of people ask me "what the hell is disc golf?". Alas, if only there *were* an auto-mulligan.. Anyone care for a round?
Mr Burns, Aug 07 2002

       Very creative...I know I have had to go to my neighbors to retreive baseballs/frisbees/soccer balls/ several times.   

       Would you like string attached to your croissant?
BinaryCookies, Aug 07 2002


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