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Full Mental Jacket

Homelier Insecurity
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Defray the high cost of the "too revealing" full body scanners being installed at airports and other security installation by sharing the resulting images va the web or TV.
theircompetitor, Aug 06 2009


       Only if they knew.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 06 2009

       (hijacks idea)... how about a new TV series called Fools Mental Jackal? Contestants (Americans only) have seconds to confuse a particularly clever, ravenous wild dog before they become lunch - (a personal metaphor) (too lazy to fill in details)   

       Sorry [theircompetitor] have this by way of consolation +
xenzag, Aug 06 2009

       Put the output screen right there for me to see also and I think I would have more fun tromping through it. Can it also give me an x-ray print of my bones to keep?   

       What we need to do is change the whole psychology of going through these things to that of a good time somehow.   

       Or perhaps tattoos with just enough increased density in them to show up as 'Not a terrorist' or 'This Space Intentionally Left Blank' or an alien head shape or somesuch under an airport scanner.
RayfordSteele, Aug 07 2009

       Have viewers call in to vote for their favorite images, and award prizes based on who gets the most votes.   

       "So You Think You Can Scan"?
DrWorm, Aug 07 2009

       I think I'd go along with RayfordSteele, It'd be kind of cool and I'd start a company making tinfoil 2D representations of items of you choice you could put in your pocket, then scrunch up while the security look for the atomic warhead that's just show up on the scan   

       Well, I've been on 2 out of the 3 Romanian Airways Airbuses and they later flew one into the ground, I was in Japan in 2004 for the Niigata earthquake, I was at Queen Hapshepshuts temple before 23 tourists got shot, I was in Netanya before if got car bombed.I have been in the Gaza strip(and my papers were not in order, gulp), I went to a wedding within shelling distance of North Korea...probably not getting on the same plane as me is advisable anyway   

       Do homeland security know all this?
dev45, Aug 10 2009

       [Waves a hearty Hello to theircompetitor]
i Love the title. So did the library folks that saw it when I laughed.
blissmiss, Aug 10 2009

       Hey there [bliss], we do try :)
theircompetitor, Aug 10 2009

       BIG (+) for winding up anyone who wants to impose their will on me, whether they be 'security' or 'terrorists' or just paranoid.
Twizz, Aug 12 2009

       "winding up" somebody who is armed occasionally means your genes get taken out of the pool.
FlyingToaster, Aug 12 2009

       Occurs to me that the CIA sat on the story because no one believes an email from a Nigerian banker. It's just one more way that spam ruins it for all of us.
theircompetitor, Dec 30 2009

       I'd pay to get a .jpeg of my scan. I have the images my optomotrist took of my eyes, and a CAT scan on CD as well.
normzone, Dec 30 2009


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