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Reducing the cost of photocopying
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In spite of auto-double-siding machines being available, thereby "halving" the cost of copying, most routine copying is still done on one side of the paper only for speed and convenience.

Nevertheless routine copying using coin-fed single-side machines eats up a big chunk of most tertiary students' out-of-pocket expenses.

As paper-cost is a large part of photocopying charges, any reduction in the cost of paper - if passed on fairly - would help students and others everywhere.

So, in my dream, I bring together paper-suppliers, advertising agencies, and owners of coin-fed machines, to supply virtually free paper for copying machines.

Yes, shock, horror, the paper supplied has paid-for advertisements on the hitherto unused BACK of that paper, pre-printed with non-strike-through ink, and ranging from discreet watermark logos to fast-food ads, according to circumstancesa and discount-rate.

[I could go on at great length about the permutations and combinations possible in developing the idea, and about the negatives I can think of, but I won't need to!]

rayfo, May 20 2001

Baked! (2007) http://www.springwi...opies_for_students/
For students, in Japan. [jutta, Apr 10 2007]


       The IRS, however, needs to earn endorsements.   

       Any thoughts on a shopper's yoke?
reensure, May 20 2001

       the beauty of a slice of paper is that there is no front or back. Genesis 9:20
benfrost, May 21 2001

       [benfrost]: 'And Noah began to be an husbandman, and he planted a vineyard'
angel, May 21 2001

       Great for copying missed lecture notes. The only downside as far as I can see is that you'd need to have a plain paper photocopier available for "emergency copies of resumes" etc.
st3f, May 21 2001

       st3f: Maybe have a choice of paper trays, one with blank white and one cheaper with ad stuff...
StarChaser, May 22 2001

       Thanks. The idea obviously has as many bugs as a sheet of paper has sides - ten when last counted, twelve when you include the inside and the outside if you gum two edges together to make a cylinder out of it ...   

       I'll put all twelve in the round filing system beside my desk, where they belong.
rayfo, May 22 2001


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