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Glass Parasol

Don't blame me for this one....blame my chem teacher
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This is based upon stuff I half learned in chemistry today so go easy on me if it's wrong. Now from what I gather UV light cannot pass through glass, I reckon that this could be used in parasol construction to create a parasol out of tinted glass that would give you shade whilst letting less harmful UV rays get to you. Of course I have been known to be wrong and this idea is probably hideously flawed, but hey I think its time that the parasol industry had one or two innovations.
kaz, Apr 08 2002

(?) Solarweave Parasol http://www.saraspar...ustom_parasols.html
Is this the kind of thing you're looking for, [PurpleCar]? [jutta, Oct 04 2004, last modified Feb 24 2008]


       sorry about the appearance of the two indentical ideas, that was a glitch on my behalf.
kaz, Apr 08 2002


       UV rays can penetrate glass. It can be treated with glaze material to prevent that, however.   

       But I don't understand what you're saying. You want to make a parasol that is tinted, but lets UV rays through>? Why?
waugsqueke, Apr 08 2002

       No, he wants to make one that doesn't let UV through, yet wouldn't the current design concentrate any penetrating light on a single spot?
[ sctld ], Apr 08 2002

       Does it have to be glass, wouldn't that be rather dangerous/heavy.?
arora, Apr 08 2002

       Could be made out of the same UV protected plastic used in sunglasses.   

       As for the design of the "umbrella", I don't think it would have to be the same shape. May as well just get rid of the concave and make it flat, sort of like a big sunglass lens on a stick.
Pseudonym #3, Apr 08 2002

       Those who hold glass parasols should not throw stones.
neelandan, Apr 09 2002

       ok so maybe the idea was a bit lame and not well thought through, but isn't that what halfbaked ideas are? [waugsqueke] like I said don't blame me if I get the science wrong its entirely my chemistry teachers fault for not teaching it to us correctly.
kaz, Apr 09 2002

       Check out SOLARWEAVE. It's UV fabric. I am searching for a UVA UVB parasol for myself (Check out www.purplecar.net to see how freakin' white I am, let alone my 60% chance of getting skin cancer). But alas, no amount of money can actually buy me one, as I have found none. I may have to buy some SOLARWEAVE and make one myself...
PurpleCar, Jun 27 2004


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