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Google Glass Backyard Flight Sim

hardware / software combo
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This set uses the Google Glass hardware, plus some additional pieces: a small multi-axis gyro/accelerometer unit that can be worn on each hand. Together with the motion sensing abilities of the headgear, these allow the motion of the user's arms ('wings') to be interpreted as flight commands. The display serves as a HUD, and the earphones can supply audio cues, commands, and responses.

Of particular importance is the microphone, through which the user can indicate (by making the appropriate sounds) accelerations, high-g turns, machine-gun fire, weapons and stores launches, take-offs, landings, and many other in-mission occurances.

(Training flights would be necessary, of course, with the Google Co-Pilot repeatedly asking, "Sir! What was THAT!?". The responses would teach the software to recognize the purpose of various voice inputs.)

Works as a solo flight, or against an opponent in some other backyard anywhere in the world.

(For Jerith, who flew large numbers of sound-effects sorties from the back deck, past the swing set, and around the apricot tree... ten years ago.)

lurch, Apr 14 2013


       I would imagine that if/when Google Glass becomes a popular gaming format, the Flight Simulator app will be adapted. Wii controllers have built-in accelerometers, so this is nearly baked.   

       Bun, because it seems I can make airplane and machine-gun sounds while doing this.
whlanteigne, Apr 14 2013

       I'm obligated to bun.
DIYMatt, Apr 14 2013

       Go and get this crowdsource funded, I'm sure the HB reputation can withstand having produced one successful idea.   

       <starts practising strafing runs in the lounge>
not_morrison_rm, Apr 15 2013


       Spirals down in flames...
not_morrison_rm, Apr 15 2013


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