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Green Shower

ah the smell of a freshly mowed bathroom
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Layer a water permeable non-wicking mesh on your shower floor, add a layer of gravel followed by a layer of topsoil, a layer of grass-seeds and another layer of topsoil; finally, a lightweight wooden screen with offsets from the original flooring to distribute your weight a bit better after a 20 minute marathon shower, and an overflow-catcher.

Large-Violin !

Apart from the obvious novelty factor, the Green Shower System not only improves the air-quality in the area that typically needs it the most, but for those that enjoy hot showers, the Green Shower bed will return most of the heat, that normally would speed literally "down the pipes", to the room as it works it's way slowly through your mini-lawn.

Maintenance is minimal: every couple of weeks with a pair of shears and a hand-held vac for the clippings. No comment on convenient fertilizing opportunities.

Upgrades include the entire bathroom floor replacement by hardy, low-moisture clover and our "Ivy Wall" professionally installed to obviate the need for wasteful exhaust fans. [MikeD]A hanging ivy replaces the shower-curtain/door.

Act now and get a Pink-Flamingo soap caddy.

FlyingToaster, May 26 2008

Tomentose Toilet Tomentose_20toilet
Another bathroomic ecosystem [nineteenthly, May 26 2008]


       Bun in the Flying Toaster. I assume that is some space age fescue?
plynthe, May 26 2008

       Bathrooms and office-cubicles are no-brainers for conversion to "real green" flooring.
FlyingToaster, May 26 2008

       Will the soap and shampoo have an ill effect on the vegetation?
MikeD, May 26 2008

       I really like this one. No more scrubbing? Period? No need for the Wee-O-Matic?
plynthe, May 26 2008

       //soap and shampoo//
maintenance for garden plants includes spraying with a soapy solution, so I'd guess no problems.
Unless you install the "Ivy Wall" option (which includes the shower-stall) to replace exhaust fan usage, you'll still have to scrub the sides with a mild detergent, sowwy.

       For those late-night excursions, the clover-flooring option can provide you with all the comfort of the neighbour's front lawn, without the embarassment of waking up at noon to find they've mown the lawn around you.
FlyingToaster, May 26 2008

       I think maybe you'd like my linked idea too.
nineteenthly, May 26 2008

       [plynthe] not really; consider: if you're a deep-urban apartment dweller, standing in the rain is never a whim (corridors, elevators, etc). You might even have to walk or drive awhile to find a place where you can stand on some real grass. You'd have to drive a *considerable* distance to stand in the rain, on some real grass, buck naked (for any length of time). It's been ages since I've done that on purpose.
FlyingToaster, May 27 2008

       + I love it! Have a spinach croissant!
xandram, May 27 2008

       Why not a snack while showering?
plynthe, May 27 2008

       Vinagrette shampoo/dressing?
plynthe, May 27 2008

       Yeah, I seem to remember something about a diluted soap water solution being used in leiu of pesticides, so I guess it would work out all the way around.   

       {Checks pockets and mumbles} Where is that damn pastry ... Ahh! Here you go.   

       Ivy shower curtains?
MikeD, May 27 2008

       Needs a sky light or other suitable source of energy for photosynthesis. Or move the plumbing into the garden? Otherwise your rolling stones may gather moss.
4whom, May 27 2008

       //skylight or other suitable source//
If you had a completely windowless bathroom, yes, but I just had a few large plants indoors in the stairwell for the last 6 months(winter): about 4 sqft of indirect light; they managed wonderfully (then I put them out too early and now they're half-dead).
[19thly] that's pretty green extreme but one of my "rural" visions has a lagoon with pot growing in an island in the middle (and a boat along the shore fully equipped with oars and an unobtrusive hole)
[MikeD]right, edited.
FlyingToaster, May 27 2008

       Yes, nice dark green, broad leaves, completely unlike lawn. Grass needs light, any californian dopehead will tell you that!   

       [xandram] had it right with the spinach. Lots of water, low light. It is a great idea, just "Let there be light" to quote my predecessor.
4whom, May 27 2008

       My vision could be seen as almost literally anally retentive. Food comes into my house, but it never leaves.
nineteenthly, May 27 2008

       Prince Charles has a wetland system to handle his tinkies, why not us? Is the green waste system only for the Sachs-Coburgs, I mean Windsors?
plynthe, May 27 2008

       Alright, who left the shower open for Fido to get in?!   

       I am Not cleaning this up.   

       Top class. A low-carbon bun for you sir!   

       Not sure how well it keeps the heat in though.
Bad Jim, May 27 2008

       //how well it keeps the heat in//
New installations are countersunk a foot in (or raised): that's 9-10 cu ft of soil; I'd guess 2-3 showers worth; could run the drain from only the overflow on top, but I'd rather give it a chance to dry out a bit over the course of the day.
FlyingToaster, May 28 2008

       Bun, but I think a hot shower followed by a low-sunlight, damp environment would kill the plants...
Voice, Jun 02 2008

       ...might want to use a more tropical groundcover; indoor temperatures are pretty high, comparatively, but I don't think simply "hot" water would damage anything.
FlyingToaster, Jun 02 2008


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