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Happy Shower

Take long showers, and save water anyway.
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It's getting to be the time of year when I don't want to get out of a hot shower in the morning. And why should I? Well, I don't want to waste water, for one.

Cut to an image: the re-circulate air button for car air-flow systems.

Sure, it would be gross to re-circulate the water that has all of my filth in it, but what about flipping that baby on after I've shampooed and conditioned and thoroughly cleansed myself? Seems like that would provide virtually infinite time for in-shower meditation sessions, without having to worry about the environment.

In this shower system, once the user feels they are clean, they could press a button. This would cause the shower to recirculate a set volume of water until the feature is turned off. Additional energy use would include the re-heating of the used water, but this would still require considerably less energy than the initial heating of the water.

Result: happy showers, for the user and the environment.

meowpow72, Oct 04 2008

High Capacity Step-Action Pump http://ecologics.co...tep-action-pump.php
needs handle bars in my opinion... [4whom, Oct 07 2008]

baked http://www.google.c...irculating%20shower
it's called a recirculating shower, and they are for sale [sophocles, Oct 10 2008]


       Better to wash all that filthy water over you first, and then switch to fresh water to clean yourself. Still, a good idea, only issue is sucking in cold(ish) water at the bottom and spraying hot water from the top.   

       Also, you wouldn't be able to pee in the shower.
Bukkakinator, Oct 05 2008

       Better than a bath...
CJF, Oct 05 2008

       This is certainly highly Bakeable.
8th of 7, Oct 05 2008

       This is very clever. The title is not too descriptive though - hope we never have to search for this idea. +
phundug, Oct 05 2008

       I think NASA baked this in the ISS.   

       + if you can tell me how to bring this to the average consumer, for cheap.
Spacecoyote, Oct 06 2008

       Run a simple valve to the sewer or to the recycling plant and use a cheap tankless water heater in the loop. 300$ including labor should do 'ya
Voice, Oct 06 2008

       [Voice] got an estimate for a natural-gas water heater for the house last week... $3500
FlyingToaster, Oct 06 2008

       Tankless heaters cost much less. Also, you're not heating the water from cold to hot, It only has to be capable of making mostly hot water hot.
Voice, Oct 06 2008

       My spa has an electric heater that just keeps the water at a set temp. Would this do the job?
superjohn, Oct 06 2008

       [UB]... sure about that link ? it wouldn't load all the way for me... though I think it was $2500, not 3500 (not sure, the estimate was actually a per month... $35)
FlyingToaster, Oct 06 2008

       //Also, you wouldn't be able to pee in the shower.//   

       Barring any infections, both seminal fluid and urine are more beneficial for you than harmful to you. You've got more worries from epidermal infections. For these you could always add a venturi sanitiser.   

       I will see if I can find a link for a device I recently saw at an African Mining expo. It is called the High Capacity Step Pump. Basically a diaphragm pump that looks like a Step-a-ciser (Alpine-skier-gym-thing).   

       A work out and shower! Oh no, That's part of the Home, Sweat Home Project.
4whom, Oct 07 2008

       But what if you step in the shower with a whole battalion of Klingons?
mylodon, Oct 07 2008

       Don't drop the soap.   

       The idea says you get clean, THEN switch on the recirculator pump.
baconbrain, Oct 07 2008

       When I first saw the name, I was expecting a completely different direction ... still, just as disgusting.
MikeD, Oct 07 2008

       No, I meant actual Klingons.
mylodon, Oct 09 2008

       "Don't drop the soap."
baconbrain, Oct 09 2008

       rcarty, I'm not sure you can take water from a high pressure source (mains), extract energy from it and then return it to the same high pressure source.
david_scothern, Oct 09 2008

       Make sure you clean whatever filters out this water regularly.
RayfordSteele, Oct 09 2008


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