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Holographic Buildings

Replace crappy mirrored glass in buildings with funky holograms
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Well, after a while I guess you can start to hate mirrored glass whether you live in a big city or work on a prison farm with someone who wears a pair. I know this halfbaked is going to end up with a forty-story-tall Donald Trump glaring down at Manhattan, but how about replacing those boring old mirrors on modern glass office buildings with a design etched onto the glass in holographic form? Even if it was merely a slight rainbow effect or a kind of a, I don't know, a fog around the building that was made out of light, it would make the skyline more interesting. Knobby parts. A big kitten. Anything. I'm sure that people with visual arts or architecture training can think of other textures for buildings besides "mirror" or "stone." Note that I'm not talking about a whole illusionary building, merely replacing or installing 3-D holographic windows to achieve a large-scale "classy artistic" effect. I suspect the whole idea will be superceded by the already-begun fad of mounting flat television screens en masse on the outside of buildings. I'm guessing this would be a more conservative, permanent 3-D look.
cloudface, Sep 04 2003

Sculptural buildings nearby in the ideasphere http://www.halfbake...20Busty_20Buildings
Idea which gave me this idea [cloudface, Oct 21 2004]


       // after a while I guess you can start to hate mirrored glass //   

       After a while, you would probably start to hate holograms too.
DeathNinja, Sep 04 2003

       How did I miss this? Bun!
silverstormer, Nov 26 2003

       How about holograms of mirrored glass?
galukalock, Nov 26 2003

       Sounds nice, but what about the occupants? Looking out windows is nice & healthy, but I wouldn't want to have those few window views be obscured by holograms.
sophocles, Nov 26 2003

       Sophocles - It doesnt have to be the entire facade. A fully glass building creates a lot of unwanted glare anyway, and most of the occupants have their shades drawn. Reducing the amount of glass actually makes the windows more usable. The idea gets a bun, but I will withdraw it if we ever get a 40 storey tall Donald Trump. Maybe the hologram could give him a better wig.
energy guy, Jun 08 2004

       It would be a welcome change to the neon lights on the Strip.
WordUp, Jun 09 2004


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