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make your too-damn-big house easier to use
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Many home plans don't quite take into account a family's living style. Step into the 21st century with a automaton- designed home!

The future-dwellers would input their family members, work schedule, laundry/ cooking/sleeping/TV habits, etc. Constraints of budget and "style" would also be entered.

Algorithms for bathroom-usage, loud- music-transmission, dinner-workflow, and laundry-staging. The computer would wiggle around all the permutations and find your Dream Floor Plan!

The only drawback is if your kids grow up or you change schedules, you have to renovate parts of your home.

RobotVoodooPower, Nov 05 2005


       [RVP], feel free to break up the titles into actual words.   

       You're talking about adding AI type features to CAD design programs.   

       I seem to recall something along those lines for plane designs -- but I think it still largely relies on the human operator to realize that problems exist.   

       3D visualizers for house plans do exist -- in fact, I bought and used one when I was selecting plans for my house. Those definitely help.   

       Quantifying the design parameters into an algorithm might be tough at this state of the art, though
theircompetitor, Nov 05 2005


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