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Horn Pics

Take pictures upon horn activation
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Often, the use of a horn precedes or proceeds something dangerous or illegal happening on a road. For example, Stephan might sound his horn at the moment he sees a truck drift across the center-line and toward his car. Likewise, Angeline might issue an mechauditory blast as a car hazardously runs the red light.

The concept here is simple:

The system will take digital photographs at the moment the horn is pressed, and for a short period of time afterward. Such photographs could use an existing reversing camera, plus additional cameras for front and side views. These form the equivalent of a 'black box' record, such that should a crash follow, they can be retrieved and used to establish what happened and aid in both judicial and insurance proceedings.

In a variation, pictures are constantly captured, with the last few seconds always kept in memory (e.g. rotating storage). On activation of the horn, not only current and future shots are stored, but the last few seconds are also copied to non-rotating storage.

In another variation, the pictures are streamed to a central server, either constantly (and then flagged for action on horn activation); or at the point of horn activation. This ensures that at least some pictures survive the crash. This further may allow for direct reporting of highway violations to the relevant authorities (click here to tag offender, select offence).

In a further variation, staccato strikes are exempted from action.

In a further further variation, police may review the full record of your horn striking in order to determine abusive and disruptive use of a horn where there is no good requirement.

vincevincevince, May 19 2014

Horn Pics https://www.google....YDw&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAQ
[pocmloc, May 20 2014]


       [bigsleep]; I would be glad if you would kindly expand upon your annotation, for the sake of us lesser mortals
vincevincevince, May 19 2014

       [bigsleep]. I'm going for:-   

       Mech; from mekhane, denoting the mechanical basis. Auditory; from auditorius, denoting the hear-able nature. Blast; from blaest, denoting a blowing, a breeze, or puff of wind.   

       Thus; a mechanically produced sound blowing for a period.
vincevincevince, May 19 2014

       Since many cars already have cameras for backup and parking assist functions, this would be easy to do. I would suggest that the video input be streamed into a buffer, and the 20 seconds before and after be recorded and saved into flash memory. A driver then can choose to save this video onto a USB thumb drive if they wish, or delete it. The recording system should also be activated if the airbags are deployed, or a G-force sensor detects rapid acceleration or rapid lateral movement, which sometimes do not fire the bags.
Cedar Park, May 19 2014

       //mechauditory blast// You can't make up words to shore up your work, can you? Help file...I need the help file please...
blissmiss, May 19 2014

       [Cedar Park]; I like your additions. Multiple trigger routes are certainly possible and desirable. Car alarm activation could be added as well, especially if data is streamed to a server on activation.   

       To save the driver having to keep deleting old records, they could automatically be deleted after a month unless flagged / downloaded. That way the system becomes zero-maintenance until you need to access it.   

       [bigsleep]; Yes, like a regular horn. [blissmiss]; I suspect that the concept of words that do not exist, but yet bear meaning, is linguistically hard to substantiate.
vincevincevince, May 19 2014

       //4 star hotel in Ibiza   

       Checked it out on GoogleEarth, meh.   

       Sure, with holes that like those ones in the roof you can easily see 4 stars at night....
not_morrison_rm, May 19 2014

       I am not in favor of this idea. When word gets out that radical vehicular actions (Radiculartions or Radcaracts) are being documented for big brother, I fear that behaviors will change. Driving habits/styles might be moved to the extreme ends of the spectrum. I can foresee two styles emerging (really boring & really dangerous) and sadly really boring would dominate overall.   

       This concept while innovative would strip joy from the NYC driving experience or any metro area driving experience for that matter an experience already under attack.   

       /Abusive horn striking// ???? There is no such thing. I suppose I should find a way to document sock treatment and usage in my home so that I might invite the police over to determine wether or not I have indulged in excessive or abusive sock usage.   

       You see more surveillance in any format is just bad and I'll prove my point right now. Before I read an idea here I take a moment to think about the name I thought that Horn Pics might be about a camera mounted inside your pants that would activate whenever the wearer becomes aroused.
vfrackis, May 20 2014

       Redundant. Even basic 2-camera car DVRs, retailing for less than USD$50 (go look on eBay) buffer up to 30 mins of HD video - depending on the size of the flash card - and usually have a "panic" button that write-protects the last 5 minutes of recordings.
8th of 7, May 20 2014


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