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or, "Airtight Tights" -- Give your gams some gusto with inflatable stockings
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These here are specialty pantyhose (viz., tights (i.e., thus opaque)) with special compartments which can be specially filled with air to enhance your especial muliebrity.

A little more juice in your caboose? Supersize your soleus? Presto change-o.

nihilo, Jun 09 2006

These tights could use a little air. http://www.mytights...se/type/Tights.html
[nihilo, Jun 09 2006]

Sounds like a MAST suit...with STYLE! http://www.brooksid...es/UseaMASTSuit.htm
Do not use in cases of abdominal injury with evisceration. [Klaatu, Jun 09 2006]

That can't be good. http://www.cocoon1.com/pu14.htm
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 09 2006]

More like this. http://i6.tinypic.com/124zckn.jpg
But not rubber, and not footless. And yet inflatable. [nihilo, Jun 09 2006]


       [2 fries], you're short of the happy meal once again.
nihilo, Jun 09 2006

       I don't know nihilo, that guy in the link looks pretty happy to me.
methinksnot, Jun 09 2006

       Happy he may look, but those bottoms definitely do NOT enhance his "especial muliebrity" as I'd intended.
nihilo, Jun 09 2006

       They would were he to wear them inside-out.
The marketing phrase you forgot: grandeur to your gastrocnemii.
methinksnot, Jun 09 2006

       That phrase just doesn't glide off the glottis.
nihilo, Jun 09 2006

       like especial muliebrity does?
methinksnot, Jun 09 2006

       ...here I was thinking of a hose that would water my garden on it's own...
xandram, Jun 09 2006

       //ike especial muliebrity does?//   

       Like "more juice in your caboose".
nihilo, Jun 09 2006


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