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von Neuman Socks

Sock replication to take over the world.......
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A von Neuman sock that build other socks so you never notice when you lose them.]

Lint from the dryer is used as building materials.

DesertFox, Feb 25 2005


       [DF], you'll have to take this idea to the HundrethBakery, as it is much less than half-baked.
contracts, Feb 25 2005

       A more implementable idea: just make socks like children's mittens, with a string connecting the members of a pair. String goes up one trouser leg, down the other, problem solved. Plus, interesting tactile sensations as you walk.
Basepair, Feb 26 2005

       Basepair, if you would post yor idea, I predict a long list of anno's on how to put them on. Socks first or trousers first? How to take them of. What if you wear a skirt? Funny.   

       I bun this idea though.
zeno, Feb 26 2005

       Df, who the hell is von Neuman?
zeno, Feb 26 2005

       Hey, that is a nice link, thanks.
zeno, Mar 02 2005

       That's a nice knitting machine you're wearing, [DF].
wagster, Sep 18 2006


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