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Ice Straw

Drink chilled beverage through frozen drinking straw.
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- Start with enclosed plastic straws that are 50% wider than conventional straws.
- Press them vertically onto the stand and insert the 1/10" metal rods that are centered in each straw.
- Mount the lid on the stand and pour in water or juice that fills the straws via channels and holes in the lid.
- After a few hours in the freezer, the straws can be removed.
- By holding the end of each straw's metal rod under running hot water a few seconds, it can be pulled out and the straw is ready.
- Enjoy a break from the heat with a really cold coke or a drink through a frozen mixer.
FarmerJohn, Sep 23 2002


       Lovely. Don't snort anything anhydrous through it though. Unless you're after cokepaste... hey, not a bad idea...
General Washington, Sep 23 2002

       After all this effort, you'll only end up with the same result as those frozen fruit pops in long clear plastic wraps. As the drink melts off the pop, you suck it up, the same result.
DrCurry, Sep 23 2002


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