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The Last Straw

Thermos/Dewar mouth-tube, for hot drinks as well as cold.
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Enjoying a coffee (or tea or hot chocolate or even crappily delicious vending machine soup) while driving is one of life's small to medium pleasures *

Which mild nirvana can abruptly and irrecoverably cease during any accelerative maneuver.

So, a straw : insulated, mostly for the benefit of hot drinks. Many advantages : recovered field of vision and head movement, another hand closer to the steering wheel, and there isn't a pint of boiling hot liquid already in the "pour" position directly above one's sensitive bits.

Double-walled, stainless steel, rubber coated near the top : protecting teeth and hiding the vacuum fill-plug, washable & reusable.

* Except if it's -28ºC out and simply breathing frosts up the inside of the cab, causing one to have to pull over and shovel snow off the inside of the windshield and windows, giving one just enough of a view - before it ices back up again - to pull into an adjacent parking lot and wait for the defrost to kick in, then scrape again and continue, all fortunately at 4am with no traffic.

FlyingToaster, Jan 23 2019


       For what it's worth, I will allow it.   

       For hot drinks only, if the straw had a thermostatically controlled inline heater just below the mouthpiece, it could deliver beverages at a precise temperature even if the liquid reservoir had cooled below optimum.   

       This would greatly reduce the hazard of Scalded Sensitive Bits.
8th of 7, Jan 23 2019


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