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Inert Gas Kitchen Tap

Argon/CO2 mix from a flexible hose, located somewhere between the stove and the fridge.
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It's well known that vacuum sealing your food lets it last longer, but a quick blast of inert gas into a tupperware, sandwich bag or milk bottle achieves the same thing without the impracticality (and crumpling indignity) of evacuation.

Also useful for putting out fires, and if the need arises, welding.

mitxela, Apr 14 2015

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       What if instead of relying on a supply of inert gas, it was like a selective vacuum and removed only the ert gas leaving behind the inert gas.
Ian Tindale, Apr 14 2015

       Nitrogen is going to be your best bet for this. A home nitrogen production plant and/or large gas cylinders are both feasible.
MechE, Apr 14 2015

       why the co2 ?
FlyingToaster, Apr 14 2015

       //why the co2 ?//   

       In case you want to weld with it of course. Who hasn't been caught short while swinging a TIG around the kitchen, all out of Argoshield?
Custardguts, Apr 14 2015

       ^ You meant to say MIG, didn't you?
cudgel, Apr 14 2015

       Should have a panel with dials to control the amount of each of a selection of useful gases.
pocmloc, Apr 15 2015

       Quite - what if you want nitrous oxide in your packed lunch, rather than nitrogen?
hippo, Apr 15 2015

FlyingToaster, Apr 15 2015

       <tastes lunch> "Eurgh! Yuk! - I'll never know why I installed the Chlorine tap next to the Nitrous Oxide tap in my kitchen!"
hippo, Apr 15 2015

       I wonder if lack of oxygen would just encourage anaerobes?
bungston, Apr 15 2015

       //I wonder if lack of oxygen would just encourage anaerobes?//   

       I'm not certain of that, but I do know that modified atmosphere packaging is a thing, especially for meats. If you buy meats in a disposable tray with a plastic top that is pillowed up, that's because it's been injected with nitrogen to give it a longer shelf life.   

       ETA: Wikipedia tells me it may also include carbon monoxide because it helps maintain the red color of the meat, and CO2 is used for vegetables because it slows the ripening process. Also you don't actually want to go to zero 02 for exactly this reason (anaerobes), but a lower than atmospheric level is a good thing.
MechE, Apr 15 2015

       What about mustard gas — for the times when your packed lunch lacked punch.
Ian Tindale, Apr 15 2015

       Did you take that line from an ad for jalapeño cheese sticks?   

       Oh my! HB has betildad my n!
bungston, Apr 15 2015

       + You could make this system pretty easily using a commercially available oxygen concentrator, which is also a nitrogen concentrator. Normally, these devices just vent the nitrogen back into the ambient air, but it wouldn't be hard to modify one to store the high-nitrogen, low-oxygen air in a low pressure (2-5 Atmospheres) reservoir.   

       Deoxygenated air is good for storing not just food, but anything you don't want to oxidize/rust - old CDs, jewelry, razor blades, etc.
CraigD, Apr 16 2015

       //not just food, but anything you don't want to oxidize/rust - old CDs, jewelry, razor blades, etc.// the inside of your fridge sounds interesting!
pocmloc, Apr 16 2015

       I often wish I could do a little welding whilst making some Chicken Marsala. Sounds a wee bit dangerous, but we have firemen standing by just for this sort of thing. +
blissmiss, Apr 16 2015

       [blissmiss] "Chicken Marsala" sounds delicious. I'm imagining a very alcoholic chicken curry.
hippo, Apr 16 2015

       I have wondered whether a high nitrogen / low oxygen atmosphere would help with long term storage of staples like rice etc if one wanted to store emergency provisions in case of zombie apocalypses.
AusCan531, Apr 16 2015

       Dry white rice and beans last pretty much forever anyway, so I'm not certain what you'd gain.
MechE, Apr 16 2015

       //store emergency provisions //   

       Yep, pretty standard fare with preppers and the like, typically varying sizes of plastic drum purged with nitrogen is the go, for things like wheat and rice and the like. Also very suitable for long term storage of seeds, or at least some seeds.
Custardguts, Apr 16 2015

       Or just exhale into the bag.   

       Most of us give off plenty of excess CO2. The moisture might be a problem though.
sophocles, Apr 17 2015


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