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Interactive Store Sign

A plasma screen that hangs on top of a store
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I thought this would be a good idea for a pot cafe or headshop, but it would probably work for clubs and such.

Have a plasma screen be the store's sign, then have a keyboard inside the place where people can go up and write stuff, from there have it so the message stays up for a certain ammount of time (say 3 mins) then displays whatever the next person types, if no one types stuff it deafaults to whatever is set to be default.

Also the sign can also contain the normal name of the store, kind of like a ticker on CNN.

Of course there can be a text screening word replacer thing that filter out swear words.

billistic, Oct 01 2003


       "The coffee here sucks."
Cedar Park, Oct 02 2003

thumbwax, Oct 02 2003

       store manager required..
po, Oct 02 2003

       Good idea of interaction to get interest and memory of shop , stimulate / educate people passing in the wee small hours , type of interaction needs abit of thought .
wjt, Oct 02 2003

       If your coffee doesn't suck and your place is good people will be less likely to write bad stuff on the sign.   

       So don't have a crappy store and people won't write bad stuff. Besides, it's good business not to have a crappy store.
billistic, Oct 02 2003

       Gerald Ratner would agree with you on that.
po, Oct 02 2003

       Sooo... what about libelous material? Would the store end up getting sued? By acting as a "publisher", the store may end up with more liability than they wanted.
the_jxc, Oct 02 2003

       "Sooo... what about libelous material? Would the store end up getting sued? By acting as a "publisher", the store may end up with more liability than they wanted."   

       They keyboard will be hooked up to a computer which displays the information, Any kind of filter could be added to it, maybe it checks against a list of names then censors the name.
billistic, Oct 02 2003

       "Gerald Ratner would agree with you on that."   

       Cheaper than a prawn sandwich.
billistic, Oct 02 2003

       "Great Idea...unless it's a cyber-cafe...then the "hackers" inside would consider it a point of honor to hack through the censoring software! One small consolation though, the owner would be charging them for the privilege! I would add one detail to your scenario...There would be a large plasma screen inside as well, so that all of the patrons will know what is happening on the sign outside. Have a croissant!"   

       Well basically the system wouldn't be hooked up to the net, it wouldn't have to be because it's just a direct feed from the computer to the plasma, so don't have to worry there.   

       However yeah, people could try to stand there and hack it, but aren't there programs out there to stop certian key functions?   

       Yeah, why not have a plasma inside, all you'd probably need is a split monitor cable or s-video cable.
billistic, Oct 03 2003

       Surely you could pass potential messages through another computer so they could be vetoed by a store employee if inappropriate. It might make it more complicated but it'd probably be a sensible modification.
madradish, Oct 04 2003

       I think trying to find any fault with how people could use it in a wrong way or how it can be hacked isn't so much an issue of would people use it? Would people like it?   

       I think it'd be interesting to see what the sign on that store says today when I walk by.
billistic, Oct 06 2003


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