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slogans on beach
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have artist do drawings on beaches in front of highrise properties.they would use food coloring.could do wedings birthdays and other special days for people.noticed people drawing their own in sand last month when i vacation.
highrad, Jun 06 2001


       The "name" field is for the name of the idea. If you can't come up with one, I think "disposable vandalism" would fit nicely.
bookworm, Jun 06 2001

       I like the idea, but wouldn't it have to be BIG in order for it to be safe from just one kid kicking sang around? I saw 4 or 5 sky writing planes all in the in in formation and linked by radio to a PC so that as they flew, the PC would turn on and off different color sprays from each plane as they flew by. You wound up with words in the sky. The point is that it was several planes flying along together. You might want to think about a land based version in which 4 or more carts with sprayers move across an acre or so of sand, each spraying when it should. Ehh, it was jut a thought.
gorath, Oct 09 2003

bristolz, Oct 09 2003


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