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Interlock Ring

For people who have big knuckles.....
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I have big knuckles. This is is a big disadvantage when it comes to putting rings on. I have to cram it past my knuckle. Then, it is all loose and moving around. Like a not-tight-enough watch. Highly irritating.

So we do something about it.

Instead of having a single ring, we have 2 half-rings. You put one side on top of your finger and the other on the bottom and connect them.

These rings connect using metal tabs and hooks; you can't see them when the halves are connected, but they are strong and hard to break.

To disengage, use a toothpick or small, slender object to press the small buttons integrated into the designs. Customisable, too.

Also, we could make special collectors editions and use them to mix and match, too.

DesertFox, Nov 04 2004

Ri ng ~bz
[bristolz, Nov 04 2004, last modified Jun 28 2005]

there are all kinds of adjustable rings that would fit you. isn't this pretty? http://www.zolijewe...s/DragonflyRing.jpg
sugar lump to the person that can tell me the name of the welsh design thats adjustable. [po, Nov 04 2004]

Take your pick http://www.google.c...2Bring%2Badjustable
(Insert sugar lump here [pointing at mouth]) [angel, Nov 04 2004]

ignore me, I think Claddagh (Irish) rings are what I had in mind. http://www.potgold.com/claddagh.htm
they don't appear to be adjustable. [po, Nov 04 2004]

Adjustable Claddagh ring http://store.yahoo....y/yeorwhgoclto.html
Do I win? [Worldgineer, Nov 04 2004]

Not so fast. http://www.mall-us...._adjuster_mens.html
We have a late entry. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 08 2004]

Adjustable ring http://www.virtual-..._pt1/hose-clamp.gif
Available in bulk at a low, low price. Works with practically any knuckle-to-finger diameter ratio. [half, Nov 08 2004]


       You'd never get your ring stuck again.
skinflaps, Nov 04 2004

       How true, how true...
DesertFox, Nov 04 2004

       Oooh, that's a pretty ring, [po].   

       Good idea, [Fox]. I was thinking about rings and the problems they sometimes present just this morning. And although an adjustable ring would solve my problem (my rings are in danger of falling off my fingers when my hands are cold, skin contracting and all) I think your solution is perfect for your problem, you big knuckled man, you.
Machiavelli, Nov 04 2004

       sorry, no sugar lump. its a specific type of traditional celtic ring (perhaps, cornish, angel!?!)
po, Nov 04 2004

       Isn't there a wedding band that falls apart if you take it off and it's really hard to put back together? With the purpose of knowing if your spouse had removed his/her ring?
lintkeeper2, Nov 04 2004

       Hmm, nice diagram [Bristolz] though I think they'd be arguing about who get's the 'male' half and who the 'female' half. PS I'm sorry for your loss
scubadooper, Nov 04 2004

       [bris] - are you going to retrospectively integrate all your old illustrations into the ideas they belong to? Hullaballoon springs to mind.
wagster, Nov 04 2004

bristolz, Nov 04 2004

       Tabs: [lint] Turkish wedding ring.   



       seems strange...
DesertFox, Nov 08 2004

       Shame [bris], but I suppose you have quite a few on file.
wagster, Nov 08 2004

       ah[po] re: 2nd link ..are the Irish that easy to overlook?
dentworth, Nov 08 2004

       Re "who get's the 'male' half and who the 'female' half.": the real world fabrication for a simple band would likely be hermaphroditic so that the 2 pieces are identical, each having a "male" and a "female" end.   

       I, too, am equipped with the knuckle-bigger-than-finger feature. However, I don't think I'd want one of these split rings.   

       If they came apart easily, I'd lose my ring constantly. If they didn't come apart easily, I couldn't remove the ring under those circumstances where I find the need to remove it on very short notice. I'll just have to live with it being too big.
half, Nov 08 2004

       How about having a lock on the ring? Some devilishly cunning interlocking design which would only release when you slotted another piece into it, which you keep on... er. I was going to say another ring... Ah? No! Keep it on another ring, which in turn has its key on the other side of the original ring! Two rings which unlock each other.   

       We could call them 'Key Rings'. :-)
moomintroll, Nov 08 2004

       "Crimpable" rings: slightly oversize when you purchase them, crimped down to actual finger size with special crimping pliers when you put them on.
whlanteigne, Mar 09 2008

       Eat food to make your fingers fatter.
bhumphrys, Mar 11 2008


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