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Laser Wedding Ring

Never forget that anniversary again.
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I'm looking for a wedding ring that shoots laser in the shape of my wedding anniversary (a la Bourne Identity with the bank serial number). As I guy, I'd be happy to forgo the traditional band for a band with laser.
maylo, Jun 11 2005

Ring notifier Ring_20Ring
[maylo, Jun 11 2005]

Krelnik's Most Excellent Newbie Guide. http://krelnik.home...g.com/half_faq.html
[wagster, Jun 11 2005]


       I'm predicting a long search ahead of you.
bristolz, Jun 11 2005


       Also, you phrased your idea as a request. Bad, bad, bad.
5th Earth, Jun 11 2005

       Probably more practical with micro-LEDs (and micro battery) embedded as channel-set 'gems'.
Adze, Jun 11 2005

       [+] from me, I need things like this. Sufficiently different to the Bourne Identity to get away with it, and requests aren't outlawed as far as I know.   

       [maylo] - lurk and learn. And if you think of something that's a bit like something in a film, for god's sake don't tell anyone or it's [m-f-d] -WTCTTISITMWIBNIIWR for you. See help file and (link).
wagster, Jun 11 2005

       Didn't someone do snipped wedding fingers?
The Kat, Jun 11 2005


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